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Qipao Love: Part 27 ~ Wearing white to a Chinese wedding banquet?

Happy New Year 2016 darlings! Welcome back to a continuation post on Chinese Weddings and the Qipao (Cheongsam) if you are wondering whether it will be appropriate to wear white to a Chinese wedding, I hope this post will help. There has been quite a bit of spin within the media about cultural appropriation when it comes to ethnic clothing and needless to say it might be an issue of consideration when you are attending a cultural wedding. So here's what I wore to my sister's Chinese Wedding Banquet in Singapore; a custom made white and purple floral lace Qipao with a very high mandarin collar from Chinese Clothing Online, matched with a purple velvet kimono from New Look (both garments have been jacked up and actually hand finished by me!) But the secret to how I ended up wearing white was due to wardrobe the other green chiffon Qipao I got custom made by the same shop (Chinese Clothing Online) turned out very different from the design I chose and n…