LookS: Vintage inspired 1950s bridesmaid...in pink style!

Thankfully I think I have managed to style my 1950s bridesmaid look in a way that Audrey Hepburn might have been a little bit proud of....for starters, we gathered at a tailor's to puzzle together the design of a dress as a fully fledged chirpingly giddy bridal party....months before the wedding in Singapore. Choosing what was meant to be a boat neck, that somehow got turned into a crew neck by the tailor...the right shade of sweet enough pink with a slight coral undertone that then became more pink....the stiffness of the textured satin, the pleated and flared out asymmetrical non-straight hemline.....viola a bridesmaids dress design was born! In true 1950s spirit there had to be pearls, but the test became the styling of hair. Not finding a flower garland I liked, I decided to bring all the flower clips I owned to piece together a make-shift flower circle across my hair....that is after rolling one side in a victory roll, rolling the other side down to a ponytail and forgetting hairspray when you wing it DIY style on holiday. Of course rocking up a true eyeliner flick to add some spice and choosing not to wear a petticoat in the over 30 degree celcius tropical heat. Frizzly hair galore or not, I was still as excited as ever and utterly beaming with joy....for I was to be bridesmaid at not just at any wedding, but at my dear sister Vicky's wedding!

Official Wedding Photo by Mindy Tan Photography

Bridesmaids in pink......
And it was a gloriously wonderful March day indeed. Perfect in every way because of every smile and every chuckle of laughter....and that's as much as you will get from me, as I can't divulge too much on details, it is after all a very family orientated day. But I can confirm that there was ice cream, cake, flowers and lots of very happy tears. Now...I shall be off to Seattle for a little spiritual two week trip....in the meantime have an absolutely fabulous start of September darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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THANK YOU darlings! ♥


  1. Ahhh...you look amazing!! What a gorgeous dress :))) xx

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! From the classic tea length to the cheerful, punchy pink hue, this dress is radiantly lovely on you, sweet May.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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With Loving Kindness,
♥ May xx

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