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Zen Yoga: How do you relax...or how to relax in a breath! (TCP Newsletter)

Let's explore what relaxation is for you, or even if it actually helps....

Relaxation can be a very individual thing as we all have different preferences according to our personalities, lifestyle and favourite hobbies. Do you relax by actively swimming, running or going to the gym to pump adrenalin to fuel your system and physically feel your muscles scream 'hey sexy'? Do you relax every time you instinctively reach for a cigarette and enjoy the nicotine coursing through your blood in an assuring chemical release? Do you relax by veg-ing out in front of the telly every night so you don't have to think and just lay passively like a ripen strawberry ready for picking? Do you relax by listening to the tinkering notes flowing into your being and feel yourself soak up the vibrational tunes of feeling alive? Do you relax by pushing yourself into a 'ou la la' pretzel yoga posture and try profusely to direct the inner you to clear your mind completely in emptiness? The …

Qipao Love: Part 26 ~ Qipao entry in the Guinness World Record & the Chinese Qipao Society!

VIDEO: The Chinese Qipao Society's Atlanta (USA) chapter's celebration
Imagine my excitement in discovering that there was a world wide Qipao day held so close to my birthday....and a non-profit Chinese Qipao Society with branches across the world! As you darlings know, my fascination and collecting passion of the Qipao has been a main focus of Walking in May....bringing me through interesting avenues and meeting lots of lovely new faces. So this new discovery has definitely set some interesting new thoughts in the clockworks, it shall be a new quest for me to hunt down the Chinese Qipao Society's UK branch....or perhaps start one should I be lucky enough! But first let me introduce you to this new little Qipao (Cheongsam) phenomenon sweeping gently across the globe comb by comb. The Global Qipao Day involved Qipao fashion and dance shows across different countries which had a total of over 150,000 Qipao (Cheongsam) wearers participating, mainly organised by the many world…