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Zen Yoga: A yoga teacher with Graves Hyperthyroidism...what's stress got to do with it?

Have you ever felt so tired that even a 8 to 10 hours sleep night was unable to fix things? Imagine having that every day for about a year, together with surprises such as...emotinal anxiety, panic attacks, shaking hands, heart palpitations, cold sweats, hunger pangs, depression, not having normal control over your own body and bursting out in tears without any reason that you knew about....which made you want to just cling to your bed. In 2010 I was first diagnosed with Graves Thyrotoxicosis (or Hyperthyroidism); which is a condition where the butterfly shaped thyroid gland in your throat becomes overly active in producing far too many hormones than your body can cope with, resulting in a quickening of processes from metabolic and heart rate to blood your body works at a constant high as though you would never stop running a sprinting race. How can you not be tired? [Find out more about Hyperthyroidism on BTF] I've been there and lived through it. Embarassed in …

Qipao Love: Part 24 ~ #CheongsamConfidence at Franklin Tree for Chinese New Year, drink & dress!

Happy spring....and welcome back darlings! After taking a bit of a blog sabbatical and returning from my sister's wedding in Singapore, its time to follow on with my #CheongsamConfidence mini-campaign over Chinese New Year. Thank you so very much to those who participated.... especially to bloggers Ai from 'Sakura Haruka' and Maria from 'Petulant Child' for being supportive towards body positivity with the Cheongsam. Though I was surprised that none of the Cheongsam shops I contacted via email voiced any support, as I had thought it would have been be a promising and positive action for them to participate or act in their own campaigns to support a rather important issue....after all if the makers of these modernised or traditional dresses are not considering the message of body positivity, then where would the future of the Cheongsam go? What images; from the models they choose to the designs they create; will be reinforced to our younger generation? Are they trul…