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Featured-In/Qipao Love: Part 21~ My Vintage Wardrobe...on UK fashion website My Daily!

Imagine being asked by a UK fashion website to be part of their Vintage interview feature? Happily estatic of course! Many of the big names in the UK vintage circle; including vintage repoduction designers such as Tara Starlet and other vintage experts, have been featured in My Daily's vintage section. From several lovely exchanges of emails with insightful writer Jen Barton to meeting award winning photographer Sarah Lucy Brown for the photoshoot has been a rather wonderous like in a day dream except without detailed thinking process, but more of a ok, get up and go sort of thing. Most importantly I was able to spread word about the Qipao and try to bridge a tiny inch of the under-represented Asian Vintage fanatic picture in the mainstream Vintage face of UK and globally. Vintage existed in styles of each daily wardrobe of women across Asia and South East Asia since the early days when it became possible to travel to other countries by ship or buy imports, but today…

Zen Yoga: Breathe, love and Zen-ify your have #CheongsamConfidence!

Whether you happen to be rich, poor, big, small, tall, short, female or male....there is bound to be moments in life where you search for meaning in whatever you do or live. Almost like an instinct ingrained within our deep soulful minds, we roam and seach for that piece of clarity....the meaning in our lives. Maybe it affects our sense of worth, maybe it is part of how perfect we see ourselves, or maybe it is just a way to prove we have some sort of inner beauty? Either way, it is a subjective and personal journey for each and every being who seeks this proof of value within ourselves. The question is; if we truly did love and value ourselves why can we not overcome lengths of body neglect, low self-esteem or even self-harm? What does justifying meaning in our lives really mean?
More often than not I hear reasons from beautiful ladies claiming their fear of wearing the Qipao (Cheongsam) as though it is the hardest dress to wear in the world....this is exactly the reason why I contin…

Qipao Love: Part 20 ~ Vintage in the to create a vintage look with the Cheongsam!

Happy New Year 2015 darlings! As I welcomed the new year peacefully with a cup of herbal tea, family and fireworks on the thoughts started moving forth towards the upcoming Chinese New Year. So will you be donning a Qipao (Cheongsam) this coming festive period? I most certainly will do! A personal annual ritual I take immense joy in, as a Qipao is more than a mere garment to me, so a post on 'How-To' simply style your Qipao Vintage seems apt. The traditional Chinese dress known as Qipao or Cheongsam is probably one of the few pieces of distinctive clothing around the world that consists of a handmade element even today. As they are yet to invent machinery that can coil the intricate patterns of a Chinese knotted button, each piece remains a detail of artistry in today's mass produced factory modernity. Clothing being the best evidence of culture at different periods in history, the Qipao is even more special in being able to tell a story personal to the wearer …