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Have yourself a Merry Christmas....and Very Happy New Year 2015!

Apologies darlings for the slightly late Christmas wishes, but had a little trouble with my laptop on Christmas Eve....thankfully now recovered! Hope its not too late to wish you all a wonderful holiday season....may all be merry and true. Also a very very Happy New Year....may 2015 bring lots of joy. warm hearts and good health to everyone!

Until the next time, ♥ May xx
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THANK YOU darlings! ♥

Film: Chinese culture on the verge of 1930s modernity....'The Destiny' and Giveaway 2!

Happy Holidays darlings! With the festivities in front of us and more time to peruse a movie or two as we stay home with some yummy turkey, I thought I might do a little cultural film review....since Chinese New Year will follow in two months, so some inspiration for a Qipao will be handy! 'The Destiny' [2014] not to be confused with the high budget martial arts a film in Mandarin based on the changing life of 1930s China. We follow the journey of a traditional rural girl called Yulian, who marries into a well-to-do family only to find her husband missing.....but that is where her touching love story begins.

After the fall of the Qing Dynasty, China began weaving in modern ideas brought in through education, as children of the rich began returning from overseas studies and imported books circulated. With a new government came a new era, though still unstable between warlords, gangsters and the central government, females started being allowed to enter university or…

Benefits of Zen Yoga...and a London Giveaway!

Zen Yoga is probably one type of yoga that is less well known and has been practised without a name for quite some time. Most types of yoga aim to achieve a Zen-like state of awareness and relaxation, so at times I like to think of all types of yoga having a Zen quality in achieving mind and body union. It is very much like meditation, especially when it comes to focusing on the breath, being in a state of body awareness and letting go in Savasana. Like a full round circle, different types of yoga tend to work towards the same aim and Zen Yoga is no different in that respect. Perhaps the most evident difference lies in philosophy and method of teaching, but of course the style as well as outlook of the instructor plays a part too. For me, Zen Yoga is like the vastness and gentleness of the ocean....washing each sore cell in a therapeautic self-massage of body and matter where you have been or who you are, it is about your time to be you.

The origins of Zen Yoga .....

Qipao Love: Part 19 ~ 'Cheongsam Tea' with Sakura Haruka in Singapore!

Happy December darlings! And welcome back to Walking in May....after a month away from blogging with travels as well as other changes in life, I am glad to be back. As you might have noticed, a new page on Zen Yoga has been added via the top tabs! As I continue my new journey as a Zen Yoga Instuctor and am starting my own yoga service called The Cat Pose, I would like to share more know-how as well as thoughts about this less well known form of watch this space! Coming back to blogging in the best way with my love for the Qipao (Cheongsam), as I even took to a little dress run on a short 4 days trip to Singapore in November. Those of you darlings following Walking in May's Facebook might have heard about the 'Cheongsam Tea' in Singapore I organised. It was a chance to meet up with other Cheongsam enthusiasts local to Singapore and about 14 people were invited via email whilst the event was made public on Facebook. Sadly with time restrictions, many were unable to…