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Travel-Bug Tales: Sunny Greece....adventure on public transport from Thessaloniki to Kriopigi!

Finally, the long awaited Travel-bug Tale is ready to be disclosed...this time its the land of ancient philosophy. Not having been to Greece before, I only knew what I saw in the glittering seaside photos found on Google, and having been a busy month there was not much time to do any research either. When end of May 2014 came I packed the night before and met Winney at the station the next extremely early morning with a perfect Plan B....just turn up and see how it goes! After all I was sure we would find at least one spot to just lie in the sun and hover over my kindle as the days roll by, as it was the sort of holiday I needed. However the one bit of research I managed to do was 'How-To get from Thessaloniki Airport to Kriopigi', and that in itself was a challenge. Dear Google managed to throw up lots of rather pricey airport transfers and EUR100 taxis, though there were a few skimpy threads on buses, people generally advised against it. So we discovered why when we arrived.…

Qipao Love: Part 18 ~ Cultural appropriation and the Qipao (Cheongsam)...a matter of opinion?

Having received a reader's email voicing cocerns about cultural appropriation and the Qipao (Cheongsam) recently, it has made me consider some of the questions this issue brings to light. There has been an ongoing spin in the media on famous people wearing certain traditional garments of other cultures being offensive or even racially prejudice, with different arguments from different sources. Perhaps it is time to voice my two pennies worth of thoughts on the matter, and of course I cannot claim to represent all persons of Asian heritage at all, so thoughts are essentially mine alone and they are not meant to be offensive or political in any manner. As a Cheongsam enthusiast and advocate, I feel it is important to spread the beauty of this dress and prevent scaring those who love the Cheongsam into not being able to wear it just because they are ethnically different. Living in London I have come to appreciate diversity as well as freedom, there are not many cities around the worl…

'Qipao LoveR' No. 3: Talented Miss October....the sewing Weddiologist Isabel from Singapore!

There are certainly times when I wish I can sew properly and make myself a Qipao or I really do take my hat off to ladies who can sew, especially those who can tailor a beautiful Qipao (Cheongsam) dress. Well, our Miss October of the 'Qipao LoveR' series is certainly one such talented lady....she not only made one Cheongsam, she actually made her own wedding Qipaoas well as her mother's Qipao! Meet Isabel from Singapore, who is a Cheongsam aficionado, Japanese speaker and talented seamstress (just take a look at every single one of those Cheongsam dresses she made and you will know what I mean). Besides wanting to expand her interest in fashion designing creatively, her dream was to make all the crucial dresses in her own wedding, which included her bridal Qipao as well as her mother's and bridesmaids' dresses. Though making dresses is not her full time job, she would like to be able to teach others to sew one day and often take on sewing projects to do in…

My half-marathon 'SHINE Walk' for Cancer Research Lark & Peony's Cheongsam!

Happy Friday and October tidings my darlings! I have just returned from my Zen Yoga Teacher Training in Dorset and there is certainly much to tell. Some of you darlings may remember my fundraising efforts for the Cancer Research UK night "Shine Walk" some time ago....well, it's done! Though I had to take a day out of my course to travel back to London to do the walk, which will probably mean qualifying as a Zen Yoga teacher slightly later than my coursemates as I have to make up for the time after completing the courseworks and assessed lesson plans, but it has been worth it for such a great cause. In all honesty I didn't have time to do much training for the walk, unless you count a once a week walk round Greenwich park in the two weeks before I went to Dorset, as most of the time before the walk was actually dedicated to Zen yoga practice as well as meditation. Perhaps it was both the yoga and meditation that created a little miracle for me; as not only did I manag…