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Review/LookS/London Hot-Spots: A hundred dresses unite at Collectif, Camden!

Greeetings darlings! After excitedly reporting on nabbing a ticket, which sold out within 15minutes it seems, for Collectif's100 Dresses event in Camden....I am proud to reveal the dress I chose. It is Collectif's flared Jenna in maroon and white...isn't it just the darling dress! Matched with flowers in my hair, my fluffy pink petticoat and my cute little Cath Kidston grab bag, I was ready for a night of 50s charm with my Jenna dress. The event started at the Collectif store early evening in Camden, which I must admit to never having visited before and was slightly tricky to find. Once picking up the dress and queued in the massive line for the changing room in order to change into the dress, I had time to nab a pair of lovely floral earrings and a nice 50s inspired wiggle-like floral dress in the sale. In terms of marketing it was definitely a fabulous idea that got the message across and packed the tills with long queues to buy what was on sale....I really did have to r…

Qipao LoveR No.2: Our lovely Miss September is....Ai from Singapore!

One of the aspects that I love about the Qipao (Cheongsam) is her individuality; an ability to tell others something specific about the wearer....almost like a weave of intricate clues about a life, a heritage, a personal style or even a message. I find this true within myself and have read such thoughts from a modern tech conscious jazzy concrete world that requires a rush of pace to keep up, it is often easy to forget momentarily who you are, what your life is about or what you truly want in your future steps. You can say it is a loss sense of self and identity, or you could claim it to be just being too busy, but when it does happen I often find it useful to look inwards to have a quick thought-like conversation with myself to recapture a sense of what I am about. In a different form, this is also a function the Qipao can play....a reminder, a love, a hope and an individuality. Like Qipao Lover No.2 and Miss September of this monthly series....the fabulously well known…