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LookS: Braving a 3 day style challenge fundraising...for Macmillan's 'Shave or Style' to Cancer Research's Shine Walk!

Happy Sunday darlings....or should I say 'Aloha'! It's time to gather all three looks from my three day style challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support's 'Shave or Style' campaign.....and Thank You again for all the supportive kind donations you have given so far. Your goodness has enabled me to reach the target-posts of wearing a Cheongsam or Qipao for all three days of the style challenge, and doing the "Shine Walk" in September 2014....which I have just signed up for. Because the "Shine Walk" is organised by a different charity called Cancer Research UK, I had to start a new Just Giving page (here) to continue raising funds in order to keep to my word of fighting cancer together with my friend WN who was diagnosed with breast cancer last month. So the funds raised from this second round of fundraising will have a specific focus on breast cancer at Cancer Research UK...please give as generously as you can to beat breast cancer today!This post…

LookS/Review: Sakura in Old Tokyo....chasing 1920s cherry blossoms at the Candlelight Club!

In all the vintage escapades I have had the honour of joining, the Candlelight Club remains one that I return to in earnest, especially when there is an Eastern or Oriental theme for the night. At times it almost seems that part of the world is missing in the vintage revival map, as Asia is not very often shown...or perhaps even hidden in a majority culture that fears losing face and naturally shies away from individual attention. Fact is, the world lived through different decades sharing styles and experiences common to each other whilst remaining as individuals with their own diversely unique cultural elements, just as we have done today. Though vintage has been increasing in popularity gradually throughout Asia in recent years, you are still unlike to see people walking naturally along the streets in vintage garments matched with vintage hairstyles or have too many vintage events to attend. For those sharing an Asian heritage, the likelihood of seeing one's great grandmother or…

LookS/Review: My first tailored custom made Qipao by Elegente....the BFI and stylish fundraising!

When Elegente (link) contacted me offering to send me a custom made dress for a review, I was a little weary because I knew it could either go really badly with something that doesn't fit, or it could go really well with a beautiful Qipao (Cheongsam) to treasure. As I sometimes get asked to recommend the service or product of online Qipao stores, especially in the case of custom or tailor made Qipao, I decided to review Elegente's dress and share my experience with you darling readers. The detailed measurements lasting over a few short but clearly explained web pages, taking about 15 to 20 minutes was not hard when you have someone to help you with the tricky areas. The Elegente website seemed easy enough to navigate and use; so selecting a fabric, even designing a bit of the style, taking body measurements and submitting the information after creating an account went smoothly. To ensure it definitely was not an off the rack piece, I specified the 6cm high mandarin collar heig…

How-To/Qipao Love ~ Part 17: How to own a Qipao in your style of elegant perfection?

A Qipao (Cheongsam) is most certainly not a mere dress....think of it as an extension of yourself and your second layer of skin. I often hear complaints about not being able to wear the Qipao because it simply does not look good or right....from friends and family, as well as my readers. One thing that I have come to understand after collecting and wearing the Qipao for years is that the Qipao was designed to showcase female beauty at its best across the differen time periods, and this art of beautifully wrapped nudity is one that every female can master with some effort put in. I have heard an old Qipao tailor claim in a documentary that there is no such thing as an ugly woman in a Qipao, and yet he has never met two women with the exact same body measurements in all his years of tailoring. The tailor went on to explain how different skills are utilised to resolve issues in creating the right fit to different bodies, but the right fit doesn't always mean a tight fitting glove-lik…