Featured In: Announcing Walking In May's EXCLUSIVE by the Lady General....Vintage Kimono X Cheongsam!

The beautiful Vintage Kimono fabric used to create the Walking In May exclusive Cheongsam.....

It is with pleasure and great excitement for me to announce Walking In May's EXCLUSIVE vintage Kimono X Cheongsam by The Lady General (post) has finally been launched!

A little while back, I discovered the classic Wang Cheongsam by a Singapore based online shop specialising in modern designs of Cheongsam (Qipao) with a love of fabric as well as tailoring. Receiving the dress for a review I was struck by the chic sheen of silk and wearable lovely wiggle cut....the enthusiasm for the Cheongsam then took on life in my discussion with owner and designer Elaine....leading to a Walking In May exclusive. [Catch up with the post here: review-2014-lady-general] What I really like about The Lady General (here) as an online shop is the ethical vision and desire to make a difference, which is more than evident in this new range of Cheongsam for Walking In May....not only are the fabric beautiful vintage Kimono silks found in Japan which means they are highly prized up-cycling limited edition pieces,  each piece is actually handmade by a tailor from a social enterprise called 'The Mother and Child Project' (here).

Please do not be mistaken, as I have not received any money in order to share the 'Walking In May' name with this Kyoto range of Cheongsam, and I will only receive one single dress for the purpose of a review as well as to ensure the quality lives up to expectations. (The price of the dresses are in Singaporean Dollars, which very roughly divides by about 2 to find the British Pound value, and is actually affordable for vintage material, plus a very reasonable flat rate shipping fee of Singaporean $15 to anywhere in the world.) I shall try not to give away too much, but I am very excited to receive the dress and of course there will be a lovely photoshoot with the talented Caroline. I went into this collaboration because I believe in the quality of and passion for the Qipao that The Lady General has, and now it has become even more meaningful to me personally. Having grown up in a single mother household, I know how hard things can be for a mother to make ends meet and bring up her children as best she can. 'The Mother and Child Project' equips a group of underprivileged mothers living in Singapore with the skills to make a living for themselves and their children....also many of them happen to be single mothers or mothers recovering from an illness. The project also makes other things which can be bought from their online shop, such as the silk rosette necklace seen in the photo (left).

So hurry over to The Lady General (link) to take first pick of the Walking In May exclusive Kyoto range, as once these Vintage fabric are gone, they will be gone and it won't be possible to source the same fabric again. Don't forget your 10% off discount by mentioning 'Walking In May'....now there is no reason not to treat yourselves! Wishing all you lovely darlings an absolutely fabulous mid-week!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Hello doll!! This is marvellous news, what a lovely thing. I had a look at them as well and they are as beautiful as you doll!! Congrats doll, so sweet. I hope you are having a wonderful week so far!! Loves xx

  2. Oh my goodness, May, how very exciting! I can't wait to take a look at the collaboration pieces, you always have such beautiful taste and particularly when it comes to the Cheongsam. Congratulations on a wonderful project!

  3. How exciting! I can't wait to see the photos, and wish you luck with this project. P x

  4. What an amazing project to be involved with, the dresses are utterly gorgeous too just like you! Looking forward to seeing your own dress! Have a lovely evening Miss May! x


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