Review/Qipao Love ~ Part 14: Hats off to 1940s victory...with a happy peek-a-boo of Camden Passage Market!

Having a peek-a-boo moment whilst strolling by the canal....
It's finally time to tell all about my lovely day with Caroline around Camden Passage Antique & Vintage Flea Market (London)! Set with my massive victory rolls, a new Qipao (Cheongsam) from the Happy Cheongsam [here] and some sunshine in every step, we started strolling from Angel tube station down to the canal. Often my photoshoots with Caroline never seem like work at all, as we tend to chat and giggle along our path stopping occasionally to snap a photo when inspiration the lovely photos really are down to Caroline's natural talent in photography. Not being a real model by any means and more often than not a little rough around the edges, I am learning even more as the years go by that an acceptance of who I am and the imperfection that is me can be just as important in the growth to become better. Embracing the fact that my victory rolls were less than perfect with baby strands flapping about, I contented myself with the knowledge of rolling my waist length hair into a 1940s inspired up-do and set about enjoying the sunny day in a beautiful new Qipao (Cheongsam) I have been sent to review by a creative online store called the Happy Cheongsam. You darlings might be right in thinking this Qipao looks a little bit it is indeed the very same 'Heartbreaker' that I placed on my Chinese New Year 2014 Wish List back in January!

By the canal in Angel, Islington......

It might not be a plane....but its still one of my favourite photos of the day!

Discovering some 1940s bakelite bangles.......

Trying to recapture a vintage photograph an original 1940s hat from New York!

Discovering a new online store based in Singapore called The Happy Cheongsam through another Qipao (Cheongsam) admirer, I fell in love with one of their designs called the Heartbreaker and wrote to ask for permission to feature it in my Chinese New Year 2014 Wish List [Catch up here]. The Happy Cheongsam kindly agreed to being included in the wish list and decided to send me the Heartbreaker for a review right away...which was a good thing too as the Heartbreaker sold out shortly after my post was published and I might not have been able to get my paws on it in time! [Dress: Heartbreaker] Made with light and crisp black Thai silk, the Heartbreaker is structured with a slight lantern shaped bottom, simple front and almost knee length (for me)...but the highlight must be the thinly golden piped mandarin collar and surprising heart shaped peek-a-boo cut-out. It literally is a show stopping from the moment I took off my faux fur jacket to walk along the canal, passer-bys and even further away groups stopped in their tracks to shout out praises for this dress, so thoroughly impressed that some even started taking photographs of me in the dress. And what a dress it is! I love the combination of chic black and a dash of gold matched with peek-a-boo infuses a fun aspect into a traditionally demure dress. The criticism I do have is that the light crispy silk might be too thin for colder weathers and the lining seemed not willing to blend with the dress as it did a little peek-a-boo in revealing itself whenever I sat down. Though I was certainly impressed by the technical ability to create the thin gold piping and the well evenly synchronised back....perhaps a longer floor length skirt with a soft fluid silk could make it an evening gown to die for!

Exclusive Offer: Get 10% off your purchase with The Happy Cheongsam by using the code 'WalkingInMay'
[Note: Prices are in Singapore Dollars and a conversion may be required]

What I wore:
Dress: The Heartbreaker by The Happy Cheongsam [here]
Accessories: Vintage 1940s hats and brown corded clutch by Rosie's Hats (Camden Passage Antique & Vintage Flea Market)

Which vintage hat do you like best?
Next we headed to the hidden treasure trove that is Camden Passage Antique & Vintage Market ....sorting through the line of stalls for all sorts of curios from vintage dresses to antique brooches and even befitting 1940s Bakelite bangles from France. We came towards the end of the passage and met a lovely lady called Rosie. In finding out that Caroline and I were on a 1940s inspired photoshoot, she kindly brought out some 1940s vintage hats and a delicately hand corded clutch to show us. Helping me style the hats over my massive victory rolls and telling us the story of each item we held, Rosie was incredibly knowledgeable and utterly lovely. So if you ever go through Angel (London) and wish to do a spot of vintage shopping, head on over to Camden Passage Market and stop by at Rosie's Hats!  [Find Camden Passage Antique & Vintage Flea Market: here]

Sporting the lovely vintage hand corded clutch.....

A closer look at the Heartbreaker dress by the Happy Cheongsam!
As a little pre-Easter surprise, as I am sure you darlings will be thinking about outfits for that mini-break, don't forget to grab the 'WalkingInMay' code for your 10% off purchases at the Happy Cheongsam online shop! Next up....there shall be more stunning photos of this 1940s inspired shoot with the talented our fun night at the Candlelight Club's Sakura in Tokyo night. I should probably hurry to do an all important search to  find a spectacular new Qipao to wear to my special 1930s Birthday Bash next's been so busy at work that I haven't had time to figure out an outfit yet, and there is still a photoshoot to plan when Caroline returns from holiday. Its going to be an exciting month ahead....have an absolutely fabulous weekend my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. You look ravishing, I love what your wearing, the back detail is so pretty. Very cute pictures of you trying the hats on too. I hope you have a wonderful weekend doll xx

  2. Gorgeous as usual May. Before I read your post, I was certain that you would get many admirers along the street, and so it was true! Love that cute salute photo too. xoxo


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