LookS/London Hot-Spot: The victorious Heartbreaker....at London's Hoxley & Porter!

Hello darlings....I trust you have had a lovely Easter break! With some Birthday celebrations in Brighton and Seven Sisters Cliff over the Easter break, it has been a fruitfully happy and fun time with some much loved girlies of mine. Even though the break will be over as many of us head back to work tomorrow, I should certainly hope to inspire a more glamorous and stylish start to the week....this time it is with the second half of my 1940s inspired look that Caroline Opacic Photography captured so brilliantly! [Catch up with the first half here; Qipao Love ~ Part 14 ] There must be not many more iconic 1940s hairstyles than the cute braided style or glorious Victory Roll; which some say originated from a World War 2 fighter plane maneuver, whilst others claim it gained its name from the shapely V that can be formed by the rolls on top of ones head. [Find out more about Victory Rolls; here] Nevertheless there is no mistaking this hairstyle when it comes to the 1940s....when war has made resources such as fabric, bobby pins and chocolate scarce, women had to become more creative to form their individual stamp of style in demure times and hence the distinctive victory roll. Not only was height created from the rolls, it was also a way to keep hair away from the face when women had to do practical work and rationed bobby pins often doubled as a pretty decorative item as well as a styling tool to hold the rolls in place. Of course there were also many women who wore other hairstyles such as braids or wavy curls that loosely flowed depending on the length of one's hair, which inspired me to combine the victory roll with braids to create a simple up-do hairstyle for this 1940s inspired look. Matched with the gorgeous black Thai silk 'Heartbreaker' Qipao by new online store The Happy Cheongsam based in Singapore, I was ready for a scene of decadence.....where better to go than Hoxley and Porter in Angel, London!

Entering Hoxley and Porter on Upper Street, Angel, London......

Love this wallpaper!

Hoxley and Porter in the increasingly trendy are of Angel (London) is certainly impressive when it comes to the glorious vintage decor and and rather powerful 1920s vibe....but there are other aspects that simply takes your breath away. It is really a place that has stepped out of a decadent dream, from the leather looking folders that reveal a fascinating menu of cocktails to the actual cocktails, a great deal of detail has been infused. Staff are not only attentive and friendly, but have really put in the effort to dress in vintage inspired styles. Not certain what we wanted, both Caroline and I chose an interestingly daring number where the bar tender concocts a drink from a description of how you feel or where your mood takes you...so you will have no idea what is in it but only know how it tastes. I went with 'floral' and 'sweet'....surprisingly an utterly yummy combination that caught me with delight and even went as far to match the colour of my dress! With a deliciously refreshing cocktail in hand, we had such a fabulous time shooting, chatting and giggling away that we even thought about when we could possibly plan a party there next. Hoxley and Porter has to get a highly recommended and delightful ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ out of 5 lovely hearts from Walking In May....it is definitely a London Hot-Spot for a stylish vintage night out.

[Find out more about Hoxley and Porterhere]

Spying through to a 1920s lunch party at Hoxley & Porter, London.
Don't forget you darlings can get a lovely 10% off discount offer at The Happy Cheongsam [here] as well as a brilliant 5% off discount for portrait or wedding photography with Walking In May's official photographer Caroline Opacic Photography [here].....just by mentioning "Walking In May". Meanwhile I hope you darlings have enjoyed my new discoveries, as with dress, venue and style ideas....the makings of your very next party is not too far away at all, and I hope you have been inspired for an even more glamorous week. Have a fabulously dazzling week my darlings! 

Until the next time,
May xx

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~Photos by Walking In May's Official Photographer:
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  1. Awesome post May and the hair is amazing. I really LOVE the 1st picture. Great work -- Carolline Opacic and yourself! Kudos!

  2. Hello lovely...you look wonderful. Adore this piece on you, the back is so pretty. Perfect for a wonderful time out with the girls indeed. And the hair is perfect. I'm happy you had a wonderful time, I hope the rest of the week will be just as lovely for you too. Xxx

  3. This place looks beautiful inside and I love the dress, the back is amazing!

    xo Hannah

  4. Your Hairdo is amazing May, check out these vibrant & trendy range of fascinators online at http://www.fascinators.net/

  5. You're such a knockout in that dress! And that place looks like somewhere I'd be quite happy sipping a cocktail ;) P x


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