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LookS/London Hot-Spot: The victorious London's Hoxley & Porter!

Hello darlings....I trust you have had a lovely Easter break! With some Birthday celebrations in Brighton and Seven Sisters Cliff over the Easter break, it has been a fruitfully happy and fun time with some much loved girlies of mine. Even though the break will be over as many of us head back to work tomorrow, I should certainly hope to inspire a more glamorous and stylish start to the week....this time it is with the second half of my 1940s inspired look that Caroline Opacic Photography captured so brilliantly! [Catch up with the first half here; Qipao Love ~ Part 14 ] There must be not many more iconic 1940s hairstyles than the cute braided style or glorious Victory Roll; which some say originated from a World War 2 fighter plane maneuver, whilst others claim it gained its name from the shapely V that can be formed by the rolls on top of ones head. [Find out more about Victory Rolls; here] Nevertheless there is no mistaking this hairstyle when it comes to the 1940s....when war has m…

Review/Qipao Love ~ Part 14: Hats off to 1940s victory...with a happy peek-a-boo of Camden Passage Market!

It's finally time to tell all about my lovely day with Caroline around Camden Passage Antique & Vintage Flea Market (London)! Set with my massive victory rolls, a new Qipao (Cheongsam) from the Happy Cheongsam [here] and some sunshine in every step, we started strolling from Angel tube station down to the canal. Often my photoshoots with Caroline never seem like work at all, as we tend to chat and giggle along our path stopping occasionally to snap a photo when inspiration the lovely photos really are down to Caroline's natural talent in photography. Not being a real model by any means and more often than not a little rough around the edges, I am learning even more as the years go by that an acceptance of who I am and the imperfection that is me can be just as important in the growth to become better. Embracing the fact that my victory rolls were less than perfect with baby strands flapping about, I contented myself with the knowledge of rolling my waist leng…

Travel-Bug Tales/Review: Cafe Neko....and my cat day in Vienna!

It has been no secret that I am a massive fan of cats, and have a Garfield looking handsome boy that I adore to absolute saying how I love cats might even be slightly understated. Seeing the recent enticing photographs as well as articles about the newly opened cat cafe in London called Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, has made me want to rush straight to the next available booking slot, but considering the mixed reviews I have seen I wanted to let the fuss die down a bit before visiting. There are a few reasons for; I would probably love to have a cat cafe one day when I'm much greyer...two; I can't bear it if I were to dislike a place that is meant to be a happy cat place....and three; I've actually really enjoyed visiting the cat cafe in Vienna called 'Cafe Neko' last autumn! Whilst I can not tell you much about the new cat cafe in London, I can tell you a little bit more about my miraculous cat day in Vienna and how a cat cafe can actually w…