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London Hot-Spot/Qipao Love ~ Part 13: A sweet spring Qipao in the Year of the Horse...Chinese New Year 2014!

Happy new spring days my darlings! As the daffodils have been blooming it really has announced the arrival of Spring in London and the grey skies seem to have lifted with even more fresh moments of sunshine. Having chirped on about my annual Chinese New Year celebrations with friends several posts ago, it is finally time to tell all on what we got up to this year...and what better time to do it than the arrival of a new spring. Chinese customs generally see the establishment of spring as an important new start because a festival called 'Lap Chun' (or 'Li Chun' in Mandarin) is usually celebrated either a few days before or after Chinese New Year, depending on how the 24 term solar cycle coincides with the particular year. It literally means the start of spring as it was historically important because of agricultural reasons, but it is also important for cultural a year that is without or skips the 'Lap Chun' date is seen as unlucky for marriage. Sinc…

A post Christmas...vintage tea party in the New Year!

On a sunny day in the very beginning of 2014, my girlies and I all gathered at Rachael's home for a lovely vintage tea party as a belated Christmas celebration. The code was....'wear your best tea dress' and since it was a sunny weekend it became the perfect day to snap some fun photos in the garden. Draped simply in my navy midi tea dress with purple and pink flowers, I decided to match up with a purple purple happened to be one of Rachael's favourite colours....and enjoyed the fact that it would be a relaxing afternoon of just sipping tea with a bunch of lovable people. Then I dashed out the door forgetting to bring my tea stash with me, informally reminding myself of where I had to go. Luckily the girls had brought some tea and Rachael had a collection for us to go the end we ended up with several gorgeous teapots holding an exciting range from Chinese Flowering Jasmine to Popcorn and Earl Grey!

Rachael and her husband Nigel have been ab…

Part 3 ~ Modan Garu in London...and the Roaring East in 1920s!

Hello my darlings, how has the end of February been for you? Following on the ~Part 1~ 'How-To' and  ~Part 2~  Braserie Zedel posts on the Modan Garu (Japanese version of modern girl or flapper in the 1920s), I thought I would go on a bit more about how it all came about to tie in any loose its time to unearth a little article I did for 'Hey Doll!'Vintage Magazine some time ago! I found it really interesting how different parts of the world incorporated some Western trends into their own lives or customs throughout time, almost creating a complete new unique style at the time and took fashion into their own hands.A fascinating tie I was inspired to re-capture when I got myself a very first Yukata (summer cotton Kimono) on my trip to Japan last year....and hence my very own  Modan Garu inspired look captured by Walking In May's lovely photographer Caroline Opacic (photos below). You can catch up on 'Hey Doll' here or read the article below:

The Roa…