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Qipao Love: Part 12 ~ May's Chinese New Year 2014...Cheongsam Wish List!

Hello my darling readers! Have you darlings got your new clothes or celebratory Chinese dress ready? As Chinese New Year of the Horse arrives in two days, I have been trying to finish altering my new Qipao....there has been lots to do with starting a new job and spending time with my sister who is visiting from Singapore. But it hasn't stopped me from noticing some gorgeous Qipao (Cheongsam) appearing online, so I have decided to compile a 'Chinese New Year Cheongsam Wish List'! I must say I have been happy to find a new emergence of blogshops or e-Stores bringing out their own creative Cheongsam (Qipao) designs, and answering my old rant of making the Cheongsam more accessible in not only being worn during Chinese New Year or special occasions. Such independent smaller stores seem to be infusing creativity in the traditional Chinese dress market, as they seem to be fueled by a real passion and genuine love for the Cheongsam....often creating limited numbers of each design…

Review & LookS: The Chap Magazine's 5th Anarcho-Dandyist Ball 2013!

Hello my darlings, how has your new journey into 2014 been so far? Though mine has been filled with a few unexpected surprises and a little busy, I am still quite excited for the year to unfold...and of course for the Chinese New Year celebrations ahead!

A few weeks ago, I promised to tell all on the Chap Magazine's 5th Anarcho-Dandyist Ball 2013 at London's grade listed Bloomsbury Ballroomin my 1930s inspired Shanghai girl post [here] with talented photographer friend Caroline Opacic [Photography Page]. What I forgot to mention was that part of the photoshoot was done outside a warm reddish mosaic wall of the Childhood Museum in Bethnal Green, and I have included those photos here. I must admit that I really liked how Caroline was able to effortlessly and swiftly capture my different expressions, which you will be able to see below. [Find more photos on: Caroline's photography blog] After the photoshoot with Caroline I rushed off to help my girlies Yerka and Naoko get rea…

Review & LookS: Happy New Year 2014....with the Lady General's 'Wang' Cheongsam!

Happy New Year 2014 my lovely darlings! I trust you darlings have been having a swell time celebrating our new year and are fuelling to make a stamp with all your new goals. Rather than being a resolution sort of girl, I have begun the year with some dreams I hope to achieve in the coming few years....deciding-ly writing them down and sealed in a tiny bottle ready for the open waters. As my girlies and I are planning a trip to the seaside town of Southend, where we hope to take a walk on the world's longest pier whilst watching the energies of the sea fuel us back to positivity and giving us renewed strength to carry forth our new dreams or wishes...weary of polluting mother nature, my bottled dream is the tiniest bottle I could find in the craft shop which perchance may act more as a time capsule for a stranger to find one day. Perhaps it is quite romantic, but I have actually begun this new year in a rather sweet waving my beau off to war sort of fashion that is inspired by the