Review: Rescue Me...a short film by Amancay Tapia!

Trying a taste of the new Estrella Galicia....
Some of you darlings might remember me mentioning my good friend Amancay Tapia in past posts....well, a little while ago I was invited to a special private screening for the cast and crew of a short film she has made and directed with the help of a fully star-studded cast as well as fabulous crew! So of course I just had to go along for a peek of my dear friend Amancay's new masterpiece 'Rescue Me' and share it with you darling readers here on my blog. Though I have promised not to reveal too much of the story-line, as the film is currently being submitted to a film festival, I can indeed share some bits of information about the film and what happened on the night of the private screening.

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Amancay Tapia's work on Twitter: 

'Rescue Me' is an admirable short film about the European economic crisis and offers an artistically symbolic view of the impact it has had on vulnerable lives. Focusing on two ladies Laura and Elena working hard to make a living for themselves, it demonstrates the gripping blow when the European economic crisis hits them as well as their families. The vivid contrast of lives of people in London is striking, and the emotions evoked from the actresses as well as actors are thought provoking even after the credits have long rolled past. With the talented and star-studded cast including Lindsay Armaou from pop group B*Witched, Tallulah Sheffield from 'Dorian Gray', James Hender from 'Fraternity' and David Warren from 'Skyfall'.....'Rescue Me' is definitely one short film to look out for! Inspired by the truth facing many people across Europe and written with passion by a female award winning director listed on the 'International List of Living Women Directors'; Amancay has successfully raised funds for this project through 'Kickstarter', receiving lots of support over Twitter demonstrating how this is a story that needs to be told, and completed the film with pure determination.

[Find out more about the short film 'Rescue Me' here:]

With my gorgeous friends: Director and Writer Amancay Tapia (middle) as well as Claudine.

With the fabulously talented star-studded cast of 'Rescue Me' (left to right):
Tallulah Sheffield (Dorian Gray), James Hender (Fratenity) and Lindsay Armaou (B*Witched).

With 'Rescue Me' actor David Warren (Skyfall) and associate producer Ulrich Brand.

Chatting away....and yes, you darlings might have spotted the 'WalkingInMay' card!

With 'Rescue Me' director Amancay Tapia and other guests....

With Amancay and the rest of the girlies.....

Time for another group photo!
[Photography from Timothy]

Besides viewing the highly anticipated new masterpiece from Amancay, it was also a chance to mingle with the fabulous cast and crew of 'Rescue Me' as well as get together with our group of lovely friends. The evening went really well and all the guests buzzed with excitement in congratulating everyone involved with the project. So I sincerely look forward to 'Rescue Me' sweeping away some awards in the near future....the very best of luck Amancay! On a different note....I shall be looking forward to an exciting weekend at the Chap's annual 'Grand Anarcho-Dandyist Ball' in the grade listed Art Deco Bloomsbury Ballroom (London), as well as an end of term dance performance with my ballet and belly dancing classmates. Have an absolutely fabulous mid-week my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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