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Review/LookS: Alma & Ruchir's magical winter wedding....and my purple lace peplum Cheongsam!

As we linger on the last day of 2013, my thoughts swerved through a maze of memories from happy or content, to unexpected or gripping events that have passed. As I do believe in being happy and boosting what is positive....I often rant to those dear enough to tolerate my repeated lectures on how there needs to be much more hope in this big wide world....I cannot think of a better way to close the year than to share a recent happy event with you darling readers. A few posts back I might have mentioned attending my good friend Alma's wedding in London, and to celebrate the honour in being invited to share their very special moment of commitment in life, I decided to fully dress to the occasion. So I wore a special purple and black lace peplum Cheongsam that Our Bitsy Prints had sent me for a review a little while ago....after all Cheongsam (Qipao) are often worn to weddings as well as parties and formal events in our modern age to place emphasis on how much one respects the occasion…

May's Christmas Wish List...2013!

As we run towards the end of 2013 and welcome Christmas on this rather cold winter day, my thoughts have started wandering towards the year ahead. This not only means adding to my Qipao (Cheongsam) collection for Chinese New this particular instance, it also dawned on me that I should make a list of dreamy goals as well as things to look forward to in 2014, because one of my girlies suggested that we take a trip to the seaside to make a wish in the new year. Never really been one to create a long list of resolutions and rarely ever making a wish list on my blog, I have been inspired to do a bit more this time. And what better way for a little shopaholic like me to become more positive about the year ahead but through a special Christmas Wish List of things I have fallen in love with and will want to get....if the penny saving plan permits in the coming year that is! So here are the 13 items (since Walking In May's blog anniversary is on 13th December and it is still 201…

Qipao Love/LookS: Part 11 ~ The 1930s inspired Shanghai a 1970s Qipao!

As promised, it is now time to reveal (drum-roll)....the 1930s inspired Shanghai look I created for the Chap magazine's 5th Anarcho-Dandyist Ball, and the special collaboration with my utterly talented new friend atCaroline Opacic Photography! I must say I was so excited to work with Caroline after seeing her brilliant work on wedding photography...which is beautifully natural, romantic and captivating in detail. [Take a peek at Caroline's beautiful work 'here'] Always happy to collaborate with creative and talented professionals, I have learned to understand how each photographer has their own way of working and seeking inspiration to create a piece of art in their own right. With Caroline there was just something magically no point in time did I feel like I was working on a photoshoot, but rather it felt like two friends just taking a walk through Bethnal Green park (London) and snapping away having a giggle or laugh in between...which I am sure you …

Giveaway: Happy 3rd Blog Anniversary...and a 1920s inspired GIVEAWAY!

Happy Blog-a-versary my is actually Walking In May's third Blog Anniversary today! I have never really been technologically savvy, but a few years ago a holiday in Egypt made me want to write about my experience in a diary-like ranting manner and share it with I began my very first post on 'Walking In May' without thought as to how I would continue blogging. [Catch up on Walking In May's very first post 'A rendevouz with the Egyptian sun'here] Before the series title of 'Travel-Bug Tales' was actually created and still blogging sporadically in a rare monthly basis, I only knew Walking In May would somehow evolve through my varied interests. Thankfully by my third post in early 2011 on why I love the Qipao [here], which is still one of my most viewed top posts....I suddenly discovered the direction my blog would follow, a tone to my own voice and so haven't looked back since. What a journey it has been!

From sharing my lo…

LookS: Inspired by the 1930s silver screen....for Justine's Birthday!

Hello my darling readers! I trust your week is starting off beautifully with the festive season so the Christmas tree up yet and all presents wrapped? Found that secret recipe that has been hidden away for most of the year? For me, Christmas is always a lovely season to look forward to and London is often the prettiest this time of year! You darlings can probably tell how brimming with excitement I already am....but its not only for Christmas. From friends, birthdays, balls, weddings, photoshoots, films, family and the new year, there is much to look forward well as to tell you darlings about. So do let me cut to the chase and disclose the first exciting of my close friends Justine's birthday at Adam's Street private members club in London a little while ago!

Being a special birthday Justine had planned a special party with a glamorous theme of silver and black to dress to. Rummaging through my wardrobe to find a bias cut floor length maxi dress …

Review: Rescue Me...a short film by Amancay Tapia!

Some of you darlings might remember me mentioning my good friend Amancay Tapia in past posts....well, a little while ago I was invited to a special private screening for the cast and crewof a short film she has made and directed with the help of a fully star-studded cast as well as fabulous crew! So of course I just had to go along for a peek of my dear friend Amancay's new masterpiece 'Rescue Me' and share it with you darling readers here on my blog. Though I have promised not to reveal too much of the story-line, as the film is currently being submitted to a film festival, I can indeed share some bits of information about the film and what happened on the night of the private screening.

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'Rescue Me' is an admirable short film about the European economic crisis and offers an artistically symbolic view of the impact it has had on vulnerable lives. Focusing on two ladies Laura and Elena wo…