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Travel-Bug Tales: Japan part the beautiful land of geisha and temples, it's Kyoto!

As promised...following on from Part One [Link Here] of our Japan adventure in Tokyo, I bring you darling readers to Part Two in the mysteriously beautiful Kyoto. There is most definitely something different about Kyoto that seems to entice guests in taking a glimpse of the beautiful and unique charm of a Japan that once was. As though venturing into a time warp, you just have to walk down an old stone paved path through tea houses flanking both sides or stop on an old wooden bridge to feel what must once have existed. A willingness to treasure tradition and preserve custom seems even more alive in Kyoto, that somehow dulls down the hustle and bustle of modern life in a pledge to serenity. Perhaps the existence of geisha, temples and UNESCO protection might have something to add to it....but I found Kyoto to be simply magical and my favourite amongst the three Japanese cities I visited.

First stop was a scrumptiously yummy Tonkatsu lunch, crispy deep fried pork cutlets served with an …

Travel-Bug Tales: Japan part cosmopolitan Tokyo!

Welcome back my darlings and apologies for the delay in posting....I have had a rather turbulent two weeks being taken quite ill with an infection, which is thankfully and finally clearing up. So without further ado let's get to the task at exciting summer trip to Asia that began with Japan! Spending a total of only 6 short days and covering 3 different cities in Japan was indeed a challenge, as there was just so much to see, try and taste that I didn't even know where to begin. First stop Tokyo....a cosmopolitan city of tall glass risers, neon advertising boards and uniformed white shirts. Almost everything about the city seemed to say fast, efficient and effective in the most polite way. By day the work force merges into an orderly sea of people that get on with life at the very minimal of fuss and not even stopping for conversation, but by nightfall an entirely different face seems to fall out carelessly from restaurants or bars shoving their way into the drunken…