Its a pink October...and time to celebrate with afternoon tea!

Ready for afternoon tea in my pink tea dress!
Hello my darling readers! I trust you have all begun an exciting October ....with Hallow's Eve brimming towards the end of the month and bonfire night to celebrate a new beginning of the next month, there must be much to look forward to. Having just returned from a trip to Vienna to visit my good friend Judita, I decided to dedicate an October post to an excellent cause and the celebration of women as well as friendship. Just in case you darlings might be wondering what I could possibly be banging on about....well, as some of you darlings may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! It is the time of year when supermarkets and shops across the UK are littered with pink ribbon items of all sorts. So in line with the pink theme of the upcoming month and as I wore my new pink flowered tea dress to celebrate my dear friend Rachael's birthday with Yerka as well as Naoko at an afternoon tea at the Washington Mayfair Hotel in London a few weeks really is the best time to celebrate everything pink and womanly!

Our lovely Birthday Girl...Rachael! 

Yerka and Rachael.....I love that painting in the middle!

Rachael and me....

Afternoon tea at the Washington Mayfair Hotel....

Deciding to surprise our lovely Rachael with a little birthday celebration, we had only told her a date, time and a tube station where we were meeting, so she actually had no idea what would happen or where we were taking her! Trusting us in a little adventurous mystery, she was surprised to find herself sitting down for afternoon tea at the Washington Mayfair surely we would have taken her to the Ritz for that right? In all honesty whilst booking the afternoon tea I had considered the Ritz, but I thought the obvious-ness of the Ritz dissolved an element of surprise and somehow being so well known I was worried as to whether we would be allowed the time to take tea at our own pace. Plus knowing us....when we do take tea at our own pace, it really is at a very relaxing own we arrived for 4.30pm only to stay to about 9.30pm! And I cannot praisingly commend the staff of the Washington Mayfair Hotel enough for their utter attentiveness and kind tolerance when we lost sight of all time, chatting and drinking tea to our hearts' content with the many refills they obligingly provided without so much as a 'tut'. So much so that I imagined if we had been back in time during the Edwardian era, this is perhaps how we would have felt by taking tea at our leisure catching up on the latest gossip in our lives or discussing the issues concerning women at our time. We ordered the Mayfair Tea which came with a tea selection that included white tea, as well as sandwiches, scones, crisps and cakes. The sandwiches were freshly made, the cakes were not too sweet and the scones were a warmth of yumminess that melted in our mouths. But most of all, nothing seemed too much for the staff who were so kindly ready to help; as when Naoko joined us a little later with a bouquet of fresh flowers for Rachael the waitress had instinctively brought over a glass of water to put the flowers in and made us feel utterly at ease the whole time. Even the view of the un-scenic scaffolding could not dampen our spirits of a celebration and ourlove of a good girlie catch-up! So all in all, the Washington Mayfair Hotel deserves a very high ♥♥♥ out of 5 lovely heart rating for afternoon tea from me and the girls.      

Rachael's surprise Birthday tea at the Washington Mayfair Hotel, London.

The Mayfair Afternoon Tea....with white tea, scones, sandwiches, macaroons, cakes, crisps, jam and strawberries with clotted cream.

Yerka and me...
Last but not at the very least, why not think 'pink' this month whether you are doing your weekly grocery shop, picking a costume for that Halloween party or making a supportive statement on this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Day (25th October 2013)? To find our more about Breast Cancer Awareness please click on the link here: [Or to find out what you can do on Breast Cancer Awareness Day this year, please click on the 'Wear It Pink' campaign link:] And as for Halloween, being a real self-confessed scared-y cat this will probably be the first year I have decided to attend a Hallow's Eve party...having been promised that it will be a glamorous rather than scary affair with the theme of dressing up as one's favourite singer or actress. So I might just be donning a beehive for the occasion and all shall be revealed in a following post. For the meantime, have an utterly fabulous weekend my darling readers!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. ooooh you look so absolutely lovely in pink! what an adorable dress! and it seems you and the girls had a wonderful tea time;)

  2. October truly is a wonderful month to celebrate female friends - and afternoon tea is the most wonderful way to celebrate just about anything, I think :) All three of you look so wonderfully happy.

  3. WOW....looks like you girls had a fab time with the afternoon tea!!! I love how you incorporated the pink floral dress for the Breast Cancer Awareness month, it's for a such a good cause. My friend's sister was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and he just recently moved to Shanghai for work and will run the marathon for Cancer Research UK via Just Giving, i was sooo touched when i heard his story. So this post is very special and meaningful to me indeed:) Thanks for sharing!!!

    Hope you're doing well and thanks for keeping updated with my blog via emails, it made me really happy when i heard that:)


  4. Absolutely beautiful....the tea looked great...glad you thought pink and shared it!


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