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Its a pink October...and time to celebrate with afternoon tea!

Hello my darling readers! I trust you have all begun an exciting October ....with Hallow's Eve brimming towards the end of the month and bonfire night to celebrate a new beginning of the next month, there must be much to look forward to. Having just returned from a trip to Vienna to visit my good friend Judita, I decided to dedicate an October post to an excellent cause and the celebration of women as well as friendship. Just in case you darlings might be wondering what I could possibly be banging on about....well, as some of you darlings may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! It is the time of year when supermarkets and shops across the UK are littered with pink ribbon items of all sorts. So in line with the pink theme of the upcoming month and as I wore my new pink flowered tea dress to celebrate my dear friend Rachael's birthday with Yerka as well as Naoko at an afternoon tea at the Washington Mayfair Hotel in London a few weeks really is the best ti…