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Qipao Love: Part 10 ~ The modern Cheongsam review...test drive in Singapore!

As promised my darling readers the new Qipao (or Cheongsam) surprise I have been banging on about is finally ready to be revealed....and the 'Qipao Love (All about Qipao)' series is back for another season! In the run up to the coming Chinese New Year many who are celebrating or catering for the festival will start to turn their minds to the preparations ahead. For me it includes thinking about the annual new addition towards my Qipao collection following the 'new clothes in the new year' when Chelsey from 'Our Bitsy Prints' contacted me about their new everyday Cheongsam venture I was keenly intrigued. Going through the 'Our Bitsy Print' blog page to try to select one single dress for a review was no easy task, as I was tempted by the many vibrant and pretty prints available in my size. So in the end I decided to leave the choice up to Chelsey and arranged for the dress to be sent to Singapore, where I would be dropping by to visit my s…

Travel-Bug Tales: Part 3 in Berlin....from the bubble-gummed Berlin wall to the 1920s spiced Savoy!

Welcome back my darling readers....I trust you have all had a lovely  September so far! Having just returned from my almost 3 weeks trip in Asia, I am a little aloof with time and slightly dazed between please do bear with me if I start to ramble on. But I must say it is good to be back in lovely ol' there simply is no place like home! Now, continuing with the travelling theme and to complete the last leg of my Berlin adventure some weeks ago, here is Part 3....a mixture of our last two days in Berlin.

[Catch up with Part 2 (Here-Bp2) and Part 1 (Here-Bp1) of my Berlin adventure!]

Having visited the UNESCO listed Museum Island the day before...wandering through the vintage stalls by the river, seeing the religious sculptures at the Bode Museum and admiring the breath taking Nerfertiti's Bust at the Egyptian filled Neues had been an insightful day (Part 2). So the next must-do item on my list was the Berlin Wall, which meant we headed towar…