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Travel-Bug Tales: Part 2 in Berlin...exploring Museum Island!

One of the top three things I wanted to do in my loosened make-shift list was to visit the UNESCO listed Museum Island in Berlin, other than that I was happy to follow the choices Winney made or indeed where the map accidentally took us. We had anticipated spending almost a whole day in Museum Island and even bought the Berlin Card that included free entry to all five museums. It was a little surprising to find that we had passed by Museum Island the night before, without paying attention to what it was and discovered each of the museums seem more focused to a certain genre. But by the time we had covered three of the five museums I was starving and ready to go in search for some lunch, so we wandered hungrily out of Museum Island. The buildings and surrounding areas of the museums can only be described as serenely beautiful (hence this photograph intensive post)....especially the canal-like river running beside Museum Island. In fact, and perhaps a little strange, my favourite photog…

Travel-Bug Tales: The Berlin bear trail...Part One!

Welcome back my lovely darlings! It has been a challenging time for me with some bad news clouding over life for a little while, wringing inspiration dry and short...but uncertainty or not the blogging must go on! Lets hope that I won't drone on in gloom, and I shall try to keep it sweetly proportioned. You darlings might have heard me mention a four days trip to Berlin a few weeks ago....and seeing as the recent London sunshine may have cast on dreams of a summer holiday or travelling to some far away adventure, it seems a rather befitting post to help lift some cloudy mood. This was the very first time I have ever visited Germany for a holiday, and being adventurous in just setting aside a few things on to the 'must-do' list; in order to let the turn of fancy dictate where we shall follow on the subsequently attained tourist was an intended leisurely trip. But from the point we touched ground in Berlin I began to realise the trip will somehow take on a life of i…