Travel-Bug Tales: Meeting Hercules in A Coruna....Part Two!

Meeting the four glamorous ladies of A Central Park bistro.

Welcome back my darlings to part two of my trip in Spain with the lovely Judita! It will be quite a photo intensive post, so I shall try to keep the waffling words to a minimum. After a nice day in Santiago de Compostela we took a bus to the bustling seaside town of A Coruna to spend the remainder of our stay. Once our luggage was safely anchored at Hotel Riazor, which had a dazzling marble floor matched with patterned red carpets projecting a sort-of grandness of the 60s, we were ready to settle into our home across the seafront for the next few days. The next first thing we did (of course) was to fuel our tummies with some lovely local cuisine...and yes it did include calamari again, which ranged from fried battered ones to soup and black ink sauced calamari. But one of the loveliest lunches we had must have been at a little bistro called Central Park, which was actually opposite the local the food was nice but the nicest part was the four glamorous older ladies sitting down together for their own sex-in-the-city coffee moment. Being very close to my sisters as well as a circle of girl friends...I loved the thought that in a much much older day I will be fortunate enough to spend afternoons sitting down with my dearest girls for a cup of tea glamorously dressed in our lovely frocks and Sunday Bests, perhaps even at our favourite tea place. I was so in awe of how gorgeously lovely they were in their tweed, floral tapestry, animal stripes and perfectly bouffant hair, that I just had to make Judita ask them if they would mind taking a photograph together with me! They must have thought I was a mad tourist from a faraway land, but since there were not many South East Asian looking faces around and I practically knew not one soul local to A Coruna....I naturally gathered some mad tourist behaviour was a normal part of the mini-adventure equation. In the end, they were happy enough to comply and even offered to help take a photo of me and Judita both Judita and I agreed that this was what we should aim to do in the much aged future.

Shopping time.....Zara bag in tow!

Can you spot the sand mowing machine?

Oh....where for art thou Mr Sandy Warm Beach?

The graffiti wall...on our walk towards the tower....

Almost reaching the Tower of Hercules.....

Between sea and sky, there was a compass-like mural....

The UNESCO listed Tower of Hercules, A Coruna, Spain.

From lunch we went on to shopping, and the one definite place to shop in when in A Coruna will be the chic highstreet retailer Zara. The very first Zara store was actually opened in A Coruna by the founder Amancio Ortega Gaona in 1975, and flourished to an internationally recognised fashion brand. And looking around the city, from the older to younger generations, it is not hard to see why Zara gained such it really is quite the glamorous and fashion conscious city! Trying not to over-shop the next day and not being able to go to the beach across our hotel because the sand was being mowed by some giant machinery, we decided to venture on foot towards the famous UNESCO protected Tower of Hercules...which has actually been reconstructed from the remaining Roman ruins. A working lighthouse since 2nd century AD that overlooks the sea and sits next to a lovely blue lagoon, so the winding grassy hike up towards the tower offered some lovely views of the city as well as the sea. Almost like a fusion of the parallel worlds of ancient history and unexpected high nearing the top in between sea and sky, you will find a massive round compass-like mural fixed to the ground pointing you towards the direction of the scallop shelled Camino town.  If you darlings are ever in A Coruna, the Hercules Tower is definitely worth an afternoon trip!

[To find out more about A Coruna, please click on the link:]

The round Manhattan Plaza Restaurant....with bow tied and tux-ed waiters all in a sort of Mad Men style!

Mising home as I opted for bacon, eggs and tea for breakfast in Spain!

Judita and me! ^_^

The excitement of discovering a park on a sunny day!

The marching band....

The harbour...A Coruna, Spain.

My best lunch pose at a pancake place called Little Britain, near the old town....A Coruna.

My pretty girlie Judita!

The old town square.....A Coruna, Spain.

A Vintage shop! (But it was closed for siesta when we got there....maybe next time!)

I love pink buildings of course.....A Coruna, Spain.
All in all with a mixture of moderate weather days, it was still a lovely trip with sight seeing, food, shopping and walking. Though A Coruna is not really the most exciting or exotic of holiday venues, it definitely has a cosmopolitan European charm to it....and a feeling as though it is fast becoming the trendy LA of Spain. Hopefully you lovely darlings have enjoyed this post! It has been a busy week for me with dance rehearsals for the end of year show, where I got to participate in ballet as well as belly dancing. Here's wishing you darlings a fabulous week ahead!

Until the next time,
May xx

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Look who we met in A Coruna?


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun. I would love to go to Spain at some point.

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Details are posted on my blog.

    Hellcat Vintage

  2. wow you have been in spain, the home of my heart;) i so love this country. the language, the architecture and the food, well everything;) you look so happy and pretty!


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