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Travel-Bug Tales: Hugging Saint James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain!

As some of you lovely darlings may know, every year my dear friend Judita and I do a trip or two somewhere....and this time we decided on Spain for a special reason. The highlight of our visit to Santiago de Compostela was....receiving a certificate in Latin commending the worthwhile efforts of completing the Camino (for Judita), and seeing the very very old Saint James Cathedral as well as finding a pretty pair of silver blue topaz earrings (for me). You see...Judita's reason was much more noble as she spent a total of 3 calming weeks walking about 25 kilometres a day in order to reach the Cathedral, whereas I just sort of flew into Santiago de Compostela to meet and cheer for her in a congratulations for reaching your personal goal kind of way. But I was proud of her for enduring the very heavy 10 kg backpack, which I would not have the faintest clue how to lift, and enduring the daily long I was happy to cheat my way there. The weather was not as lovely as we had hop…

The Great Gatsby by the Northern Ballet....part 2 of Birthday celebrations!

Hello my lovely darlings! Continuing on part two of my Birthday shenanigans, where we went to see a special ballet....I thought I would do a mini review of the brilliant 'Great Gatsby' ballet production! With all the spotlights focused on the extravagant movie, I was also excited to find a different version of 'The Great Gatsby' by the Northern Ballet Company last month at Sadler's Wells theater near Angel (London). Captivated by the beautiful costumes shown on the promotional photographs and promises of Jazz as well as the bees knees Charleston, I was determined to make it part of my celebrations....thankfully my lovely girlies were happy to go along too!

Following usual theater etiquette, we were unable to take photographs of the ballet itself, but during the interval I made use of the time to capture a few lovely shots with my beautiful girlies! Unlike the newly released movie, 'The Great Gatsby' ballet has remained quite devotedly true to F. Scott Fitz…