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Qipao Love: Part 2 ~The flapper girl in a Qipao who captured the West.....Anna May Wong!

I am not the first to write about the captivating beauty that is Anna May Wong, and I most definitely will not be the last, which is why I have decided to focus this post on what I found interesting about her life rather than a full biography. As I searched through the world wide web to find more information and photographs of her, I was especially struck with the cigarette cards (left and further below) which depicted her in a mandarin collared Qipao and described her as a modern beauty. In the age which she lived, she was indeed strikingly beautiful and carved a path of modernity for herself. Being the very first American Asian actress to succeed in making an impact in Hollywood during the silent film era by having more than 80 films to her name and received such global fame that her audience kept asking for more, she was not just another Asian beauty...she was a star in the eyes of her admirers, and to me she was a glamorous siren who introduced the Qipao to the West (hence the po…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Just a quick wish you lovely darlings a  Merry Christmas  and  fabulously Happy New Year 2013!

Until the next time, May (and BouBou) xx
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Qipao Love: Part 1~ From Qi Pao to evolution of a dress about women!

Welcome my lovely darlings to the new address as the blogspot to custom domain transition is now officially completed! Worry not, if you are still using the address it should automatically divert to the blog and there is also a new e-mail address if you should like to drop me a line to say hello or ask any questions;! What better way to celebrate this transition than to start on one of my favourite topics.....with Part One of my "Qipao Love (All about Qipao)" series of posts!

Throughout my blog over the two years, I have mentioned the Chinese Qipao dress (also known as Cheongsam in Cantonese) quite a few times, especially during the run-up to Chinese New Year. Having a self confessed love of the Qipao, as some of you darlings who have been following may know, I can usually be spotted wearing the Qipao throughout the 15 days of Chinese New Year festivities and have been adding one or two new Qipao dresses t…

Happy Blog Birthday...and the "One Lovely Blog" Award!

I must start by apologising as this receiving blog post is long...long overdue! My deep thank you goes to the lovely Wendy from the Butterfly Balcony [You can find Wendy's blog here:] for giving me this "One Lovely Blog" Award a few months ago. Wendy is such a lovely blogger, talented dressmaker and a real joy to know, so please do drop by at her beautiful blog! Now for the nitty gritty bit that I often struggle with...the 7 random facts about me:

Being so much in love with the Chinese dress know as the Qipao (or Cheongsam) and having enjoyed collecting it as well as wearing it every year, but also loving a good cup of tea and vintage styles.....I started dreaming about setting up a London "Qipao Tea Club"! Wouldn't it be utterly fabulous if all the ladies who loved this dress could gather together at a tea party in their beautiful Qipao dresses every now and then, perhaps wit…

Travel-bug Tales: In search of Nata Tarts in Albufeira (Portugal)!

Hello and welcome back my lovely darlings! Whilst my blogspot blog is still undergoing the rather complex custom domain transition to become I have decided to continue with posts writing as usual.....and in an unexpected fashion it happens to be another travel post as I am yet to disclose all on my little trip to Portugal (after the 3week American series). I have always wanted to visit Portugal actually, but unlike other people of sensible minds, my reason was not mainly the beach or the was because of my love for Eggtarts and that the Portuguese version of the custard Nata tart was something I just had to try! So when my lovely friend Judita asked where we should go for a holiday this year, I decided to put Portugal on the list of possibilities and luckily enough we found a brilliant Portugal it was! Following the advice of another kind friend we finally booked in the Albufeira area, and since it was October we also crossed our fingers to h…