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London Hot-spots: Afternoon Tea at Number Twelve.....the Ambassador Hotel (London)!

Watching celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal perform one of his famous scientific experiments on the traditional British tea break in the dainty English town of Darwen the other night made me grin. Firstly it reinforced tea drinking as being something quintessentially British, secondly he managed to scientifically prove that the British old preference for dunking biscuits into tea does indeed make it taste more biscuit-y in a delicious sort of way, and most importantly it was a fascinating hour spent seeing the workings of the PG Tips factory that tantalised my undying love for tea even further! Perhaps it is also because of my Chinese heritage that I have a special affinity and fondness of tea, after all tea did begin its journey in China a great many moons ago, but one thing I am sure the importance of a good cup (or two) of tea in my every day life. In Heston's words, 'we are a nation fueled by tea', and this has certainly been true in the sense of tea being enjo…

Travel-Bug Tales: A slice of sunshine pie.....a Floridian beach and shopping in New Jersey!

Flying on a plane became an important part of out America trip as we made our way to the different states forming a triangle over the vastness of America, but looking out the plane window to see the different hues of blue when we were up high filled me with a mixed sense of awe and contentment every time. There is just something about seeing the world from so high up.....and this part of the journey was between New Jersey and Florida. We took the local budget air carrier Southwest Airline from Philadelphia Airport, and the night before we flew I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they are one of the very few budget airlines to offer a free check-in service for a maximum of two bags or travel cases. This part of the trip was mainly to spend time with family in New Jersey as well as Florida, but rest assured.....there are still some useful bits to share with you lovely darlings!

Florida.....the sunshine state!
One of the places we went to in Florida that I really need to mention i…

Trend-Alert: Timeless opulence with brocade and embroidery.....add some old school spice in your Christmas look!

With Christmas just more than a month and a half away, I suspect you lovely darlings might just be thinking about putting together your party look, so I decided to put the finale post on my America trip on hold a little while and squeeze in a trend post! Why not consider something a little different this party season? Eventhough the AW12 catwalks were littered with Eastern inspired pieces with richly colourful brocade, figure hugging Qi Pao dress cuttings and some intricate embroidery by designers such as Proenza Schouler, Zac Posen and Ralph Lauren.....Vogue describing it as luxurious "Eastern futurism for the modern woman" is yet to become an attention grabbing trend and limited copy-pieces seem to have actually made it through to high street shops. As one who believes it is important to find a style that suits you and pick what you truly love, I have not been one to follow every popular trend that comes through each season.....which probably explains my love for th…

Travel-Bug Tales: A slice of Columbia pie......a day in America's capital Washington DC!

Being in America, we had the opportunity to venture forth to the capital city of Washington DC for a day.....and of course I was excited to be able to see the famous presidential Whitehouse.....afterall it is the equal of an American palace! Then arriving in Washington DC, I noticed the further we drove into the heart of the city the more white buildings appeared  like neatly arranged lego pieces flanking big grey tarmac streets, and random people from creased suit-wearers to oversized coat clad elderly laid casually across benches as well as pavements with all their belongings watching the day go by. As we parked opposite the big white Red Cross building to walk up to the Whitehouse, the first thing I noticed was the mass of Chinese speaking tourists crowding around the Whitehouse gates trying to get a better photo. It was a strange moment; as though the international politics textbook page on globalization from my Masters some time ago suddenly jumped before my eyes of thought to sa…