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Travel-Bug Tales: A slice of sleepy pie.....recharging with spirituality within the dreamy hills of Seattle!

Happy Friday my darlings! Before you begin reading this post.....I must warn you that it might not be a light-hearted and suited-to-all kind of post....but rather a little reflective piece exploring some provoking thoughts and perhaps some ideas which are honestly bare. Personally, I often feel that there is a lot of taboo in the notion of death, and the fact that every single one of us will die one day.....fact, and not a figment of the depressive mind at all.....does not mean we stop living in kindness and wisdom. Perhaps there is no evil in death if one has lived a truly meaningful life that is full of goodness and it possible for a living being to be good and kind in every choice, word, thought and action that he or she carries out to the world? It is about living with the awareness that nothing is truly permanent, as change is always possible in life, remembering what you choose to do will always bear the fruits of consequence to not only yourself and so it is i…

Travel-bug Tales: A slice of Big Apple pie.....bringing my 60s inspired look to New York New York!

Following my previous posts on the recent 1960s trend and preparing to embark on my America trip, I decided to do part three by taking my 60s inspired look to New York New York!

Packed with some 60s inspiration I selected my Clarks blue ballerina flats, polka-dot mini dress, three quartered purple cardigan, mint coloured nail varnish and my Clinique blue-grey eyeliner.....I was ready to groove it in the big apple! The only thing that I lacked were bobby pins....which is why my planned beehive became a very mini-beehive instead. Though a little lacking, I was lucky to find the beautiful Jackie Kennedy Lake in Central Park......being reminded of a lovely and inspirational lady who was every bit the fashionista of the 1960s whilst in my 60s inspired outfit was definitely a plus for my two days in New York! Besides Central Park, we also managed to see Times Square, Macy's, Korean Town, Goggenheim Museum, Chinatown, Staten Island, the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building....…

Travel-Bug Tales: A slice of Franklin pie......America's old capital Philadelphia!

Welcome back my lovely darlings! I must apologize for the lack of posts for the past three weeks that I have been on holiday, but travelling to 6 different cities in America and spending time with family as well as friends meant that I hardly had time to write. Perhaps the good bit of news is that I now have too many photos that I want to share and shall have reason to do a post on each of the cities I visited! The first stop in my American travel posts series is Philadelphia.....the former capital city and the home of the Liberty Bell  which symbolises American independence. [For more information, please click here: Liberty_Bell] As this post could become much longer than usual, I shall keep my comments brief and let the photos do the talking!

Ben Franklin Bridge
A beautiful stroll on a sunny day, as the giant sky blue metal structure with pedestrian walkways running along the side provides the perfect view over the river and the city of Philadelphia.
[For more information, please cli…