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How-To: Dress to the 1960s groove....taking the AW12 mini trend for a spin!

Whether you prefer a short cropped bob or a chic beehive with long full locks, you are likely to have worn the Mini at least once.....albeit Mini-Dress or Mini-Skirt.....just like you are likely to have heard about the 60s Beattlemania frenzy or seen an iconic 60s photograph of Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton somewhere. Even as a self-confessed fan of the roaring 20s, I can not claim to utterly resist the charms of the 60s as it was a period of revival of the celebration of fun youthfulness and appreciation of the less curvy boyish figure. As the AW12 catwalks litters with the groovy 60s vibe, there are just so many lovely gems to be tempted by and not much excuse to not try some groovy chicness! Take a quick look and hopefully it will inspire your own groovy spin on the hot 60s look this season! After all, it was another period of liberated hemlines, though it rose even higher up than in the 20s.....but there is much to be admired in the 1960s!

The Mini…

Trend-Alert: Mod the 1960s inspired look.....grooving into a pencil skirt with the AW12 trend (part one)!

From racy Minis to sweet Mary Janes and chic flat pilgrim pumps, the 60s trend is back on the highstreet in a highly groovy way! Cue the sharp Italian suits and provocative pencil will know that the Mods do well groomed chic in all its sexiness like no other! 'Mad Men' has already been the ongoing proof of how saucy a pencil skirt can be....transforming boyish figures into curves that turn heads, and hugging the fuller female form in luscious lines that drive male passer-by can you not love a pencil skirt? Perhaps it is the way the pencil skirt makes you walk in constricted steps that throws out a little teasing wiggle of the hips at every point, or is it the way the pencil skirt makes you hold yourself up to perform graceful lady-like posture drills to unknown audiences all around you, but there is just something about the pencil skirt. As a devoted lover of the pencil skirt myself, I find the beautiful temptation a hard one to resist......of cours…