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A little bit of history.....London Olympiad of sorts!

Apologies my lovely darlings for this long overdue post and I trust you have all been well under the recent week of sunshine we had in London! It has been a busy week that has made me shy away from parties, dates and social occasions alike....perhaps I shall have to rejoin the bustling world very soon, but for now, a little time for thoughts and rest with a good cup of tea are blissfully adequate. Whilst I do so, I must offer you my mini report on the Olympics...since I do live in London, can claim to have a slight brush with this historical event and had the good fortune to go to one here goes!

One of the things I loved most about the London 2012 Olympics was the sighting of the Union Jack at almost every shop window and on the the many fellow Brits I passed by every day! Of course I got myself kitted out with a Union Jack body top and handbag for the occasion.....and proudly wore them to display my faithful support for Team GB! On the night of the Olympic Opening ceremony …

Trend-Alert/London HOT-SPOT: Ballgowns.....British glamour since the 1950s at the V&A!

As promised, I am back with a glimpse of the 'Ballgowns' exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London's South Kensington.....and an evening of Utter Elegance which I attended with a few of my lovely girlies last Friday. I have always liked the V&A, so recommending it as a must-see London Hotspot is an easy enough task, but the question at hand is whether it was worth buying a ticket to see the 'Ballgowns' exhibition?

The 'Ballgowns' exhibition, which claims to offer a glimpse into glamorous red-carpet and showstopping frocks since the 1950s, began on 19th May 2012 and will run until the 6th January 2013 at the V&A (London). Surrounded by a larger fashion section was a dainty circle cordoned off for this special exhibition, which included ballgowns worn by Her Majesty The Queen and the late Princess Diana, as well as an interesting few from Alexander McQueen and other designers that made me wonder what it would have looked like when it was …