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Time for celebration.....a family graduation and the upcoming Olympics!

What better time to celebrate than now my darlings......especially if you are in London and happen to be British! I must say that I am utterly proud to be British and can not love London even more than I already do, especially after the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony! To me, London is not really a city that  needs to compete with other cities....once you have seen the beauty and uniqueness of London, you will either faithfully fall in love with her as I have done, or perhaps find her a little too much to tolerate and gravitate elsewhere. I love the vibrancy, resilient history, demureness, elegance and integrity that is the London I have come to I was utterly excited when I saw fragments of Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Mr Bean, Sir Paul McCartney and of course the Royal Family being part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony! So in keeping with the current tide of celebration, I decided to do a post on a recent look and hairstyle I sported at a recent family graduation at the Roya…

An international occasion in Oswestry......Polly and Paul's Wedding!

When humans of twelve different nations gathered at a sleepy village called Oswestry in the quiet English countryside for Polly and Paul's wedding, it was nothing short of the remarkable fact that a small party reflective of a United Nations gathering made it across lands as well as seas to celebrate the special day of a lovely couple. I must admit that I have not been to Oswestry or Gobowen before and  found it not to be the easiest place to get to with my lacking sense of direction....but as ever a mini adventure is always welcomed in the crazy world of May! And I am happy to report there were no real accidents to worry about and friends akin to guardian angels were never too far away throughout the whole mini all was blissfully well! It was a beautifully sunny day for a church wedding, and as the bells chimed merrily in the warm breeze I felt as though I was transported back into the scene of an old film where the cast sung in all jolliness to the ditty of '…

How-To: Wedding Season and Fancy to wear a fascinator!

Hello my darlings! As some of you may know....I love dressing up and this week I have been thinking about the fascinator look as I shall be attending Polly's wedding next week! It is often said that a woman's hair is her crowning glory, so what better way to frame your crowning glory than with a sensual and feminine fascinator! The fascinator has been a long favourite at weddings and formal parties as well as events such as the Ascots (probably despite the ban!), and as the wedding season has begun their presence is well felt in quite a few shops on the high street. But what is it about the fascinator that does not allow me to just plonk it on my head and make it look right with whatever frock I put on? I have found that wearing a fascinator, like wearing a beautifully decorated hat, requires thought, planning and preparation to ensure a good match to your selected outfit structure, make-up balance, hair style, co-ordinating colour shade and face proportions! Also where the fo…