How-To: Spin in the blues....mixed with a towering beehive (hairdo)!

I must admit I am quite fond of the British comforting habit of talking about the weather, though I do try wherever possible not to moan too much about the lack of sun.....truth is I sometimes enjoy the calm and melancholy windy rain London brings. The perfect time to think and stare out of the window to a realm further away than the eyes can see.......but in this land all stands still for a moment and it is untrue to the constant changing reality that whirls past in the wind. So like a cycle I feel myself spinning on the spot, still searching for a path that is lost but not actually to find myself. Yes my is one of those mushy days with hopeless romanticism of life under a crying grey sky, so without further mushy-ness lets reground with the task at hand. As promised some time ago.....a look and photos that were done at a time before my waist length hair went under the scissors.....but it seems strangely appropriate to do a blue dominated look post at the moment. So I shall spin out the blues and explain how I achieved my massive beehive hairdo with a little step by step "How-To"!

With the 50s running through my mind I picked up a blue three quarter sleeved cardigan, black vest top and Asos blue midi length chiffon-like culotte......which I teamed with an almost 60s beehive. And viola my very own vintage inspired Blue look! My massive beehive has been bumped up by my own long hair, but you could also use other products like the plastic frame bumpits or those semi-circle sponge-like material attached to a hair comb that can be tucked hidden under the hair to achieve a high dome. You will also need a hairbrush or fine toothed comb, rubber band or hair elastic, bobby pins, hair spray and a decorative headband. To create my simple vintage inspired Beehive:

  1. Brush your hair and taking the top section of your hair from your crown to just behind your ears to create a small ponytail, but leaving a small section of your fringe depending on your hair parting and the other half of hair down.
  2. Smooth out the ponytail and secure with a rubber band. 
  3. Working with your finger (or handle of a fine toothed comb), begin from the top of your head near the root of the hair by hooking a small one inch section and slide your finger towards the rubber band to slowly loosen the hair a little. Repeat the action working inch by inch towards your right ear and then repeat for the left side too. Now you should have a neat but loosely dome-like bumped ponytail on top of your head. 
  4. Taking the end of the ponytail tuck it under the loosened bump hidden away with the rubber band. If more height is required, a plastic bumpit or other product of your choice may be used to tuck under the bump. Then secure with bobby pins under the bump and where necessary to keep the bump in place.
  5. Now comb the fringe across the forehead towards the side and tuck behind your ear. Secure with bobby pins behind the ear.
  6. Spray with hairspray and neaten the bump. Then use the headband to decorate and cover the section between the fringe and bump.


Cardigan: Matalan three quarter arm blue cardigan (past season)
Culotte: ASOS blue midi chiffon-like culotte (past season)
Shoes: Biscuit Tin by Clarks 
Earrings: Vintage

Apologies for not having photos of how my hairdo was done but I hope the photos above, which covers different sides of the hair, will be help you recreate the Beehive hairdo should you wish to try it out! Procrastination aside, it has actually been a rather busy weekend filled with ballet practice for our end of year show in two weeks and lots of dancing at two different parties! One of the parties I attended happened to have an all 'White' theme and I was surprised to realise that I actually only had very few all white items in my wardrobe....but it is probably due more to how clumsy I am and my ability to ruin a perfectly white garment in the flash of a second! I shall try to catch up with all my blog reading, replying to comments, updating my blog tabs (on top of the page) and more regular postings as soon as rest assured you have not been forgotten my darlings and thank you so much for all the sweet belated Birthday wishes! Also this week I shall be looking forward to a little gallery viewing as well as my friends Julie and Mira's birthdays! Here's to an utterly fabulous week my darlings....keep smiling to brighten up the grey clouds!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. Perfection! From the hairdo to the colour coordination to the make up!! Xx

  2. Such a pretty outfit! And I love the beehive - it works perfectly. I too enjoy the raininess and windiness sometimes - it can be thought-provoking but it can also be exciting, as you watch the lashing elements. I guess it's just a matter of, quite literally, seeing the silver lining to the clouds!

  3. Ohh poor girl....I wish I could send you some sun from Portugal :)
    Don't worry, I'm sure the sun will shine sooner than you think, and sooner than you expected ;)
    Lovely outfit, as always! Your hairstyle is totally amazing! Love it :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by<3


    "Sa├║de & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  4. What a lovely-lovely outfit! You look fab :)

    Lucy x

  5. I love this look - so pretty. The beehive is especially fun. :-)


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