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The Ballerina Look: Twirling at the end of year show.....for a love of dance!

Helloo my lovely darlings! Apologies for the delay in has been a very full week from BouBou's Birthday to work and ballet! Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and support as usual...every single one is most appreciated and I am catching up on the replies! Some of you may know that I have been taking a Beginners Ballet course for some time and it was the Performing Arts End of Year Show on Friday 29th June 2012!

So together with other dance forms such as Flamenco, African, Contemporary and Belly Dancing, our Ballet class took the stage at the Brady Arts Centre in Whitechapel (East London) for a night of celebration with family and friends. Unfortunately I only have some practice and backstage photos, as my friends were unable to join us for the night, but on the plus least the secret of how bad and clumsy a ballerina I really am shall stay hidden! Most importantly I really enjoyed performing with my ballet classmates, and the fluttering ex…

London HOT-SPOTS: Sweet Mira's Birthday at the Foundation Bar (London)!

Sunny greeting my is good to see a bright and cheery London this week! Nothing like a bit of sunshine to keep us all smiling! It's been a busy week of Birthdays and there is still much more to come!

On Saturday, I was at the Foundation Bar in Covent Garden (London) celebrating my friend Mira's Birthday....and what a night we had! Just turning left out of Covent Garden and almost directly opposite by the side of Marks and Spencer is the little alley where Foundation Bar is hidden.....surprisingly easy to find even for someone who is as clueless in directions as me! Down a wide unsuspecting staircase and through some big black double doors, I arrived in a dark underground world with dimly lit lights and typical club decor. As I ventured further, I felt like a mouse going through some tunnels within a big cave and entering a secret world hidden from the outside world, where relaxation met with fun friendliness. Being only about 8pm it was surprisingly half filled…

How-To: Spin in the blues....mixed with a towering beehive (hairdo)!

I must admit I am quite fond of the British comforting habit of talking about the weather, though I do try wherever possible not to moan too much about the lack of sun.....truth is I sometimes enjoy the calm and melancholy windy rain London brings. The perfect time to think and stare out of the window to a realm further away than the eyes can see.......but in this land all stands still for a moment and it is untrue to the constant changing reality that whirls past in the wind. So like a cycle I feel myself spinning on the spot, still searching for a path that is lost but not actually to find myself. Yes my is one of those mushy days with hopeless romanticism of life under a crying grey sky, so without further mushy-ness lets reground with the task at hand. As promised some time ago.....a look and photos that were done at a time before my waist length hair went under the scissors.....but it seems strangely appropriate to do a blue dominated look post at the moment. So …

LookS: The flapping Deco Dolls in 1920s the Black Cotton Club!

Hellooo my darlings, I trust you are having a lovely diamond jubilee weekend despite the rain! As promised in part one, where I began celebrating with the Great Gatsby at Wilton's Music Hall, here is part two of my 1920s birthday do!

As I absolutely adore the 1920s, I decided to take my beautiful girlies on a full vintage twirl to celebrate my birthday with some good old fashioned dancing, and so we all transformed into glitzy Deco Dolls for a night of sizzling Jazz at the Black Cotton Club! I must admit that I was quite excited to be able to prepare two 1920s inspired looks for my birthday.....the first being the fun fringed Flapper girl look for the Great Gatsby play at Wilton's Music Hall (previous post: great-gatsby-fringed) the second had to be slightly more grown-up and reflective of the glamorous Art Deco times! Taking inspiration from my favourite details of the roaring 20s......such as beautiful beading, glamorous gems, illuminating pearl earrings, pretty sca…