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Travel Bug Tales: When in not jaywalk...Part One!

As promised my darling readers, here is the first part of my mini-adventure in Vienna last week! Some of you who may have been following my blog might know that I have a good friend called Judita, and having missed her since her last trip to London, I went along to Vienna to visit her.

Like a little cuckoo clock, Vienna felt structured with Austrian propriety but relaxed at the same time...every object, space and person seem to know their own place within an antique puzzle. The metro arrives on the dot of time the display has pin-pointed without fail, but yet locals lie watching the sky on a Friday afternoon within the colourful lego block benches of the Meseumsquartiers. So, what would a girl who is not exactly the image of propriety be doing in such a city as Vienna for 4 days....I hear you say! Well, for the first two days I spent my time wisely getting lost in a new city, as you would do if you were May of course! Now one of the places I ventured off to find was the baroque style…

How-To: My 1940s inspired Pin Up Girl hairdo...Part 2!

Happy Tuesday my darlings, and I trust you have had a busy weekend! I am back in London after my Vienna mini-adventure.....and what a bit of adventure I will have to tell you about in my next post! But for now, are you ready to continue with Part 2 of my 1940s Pin Up Girl inspired hairdo my darlings?

Just a quick Part 1 last week the focus was on cold setting the hair overnight with a full head of Pin Curls (see photos below). So in Part 2 this week I shall explain how to create some Victory Rolls, and achieve a half up half down hairdo; as seen in the photo on the Right! >>

For Part 2 you will need lots of bobby pins, some hair spray and a hair brush! [Just in case you missed Part 1 on the Pin Curls, you can catch up with this link: how-to-1940s-hair-par1]

Part 2 and on Day have slept overnight in a head full of bobby pinned Pin Curls and it's time to get Victory Rolling! This is how you might want to do it:
1. Start removing the bobby pins from the se…

How-To: My 1940s inspired Pin Up Girl Hairdo...part 1!

As promised my is a quick first part "How-To" on my 1940s inspired Pin Up Girl hairdo......let's start with the Pin Curls!

Pin curls are brilliant for setting that lovely full bodied curls and volume, even for stubbornly straight long hair like mine! I actually find Pin Curls to be more effective than heated curling tongs, which are more damaging to your hair and curls tends to fall out of shape quicker. You will need lots of bobby pins, some curling spray or setting lotion and a comb.....of course 'time' as it will need to be set the night before! So here's How-To do the Pin Curls:
1. Comb and smooth out your hair, then wet your hair and apply curling spray.
Starting from your hair-line section your fringe to form your first Pin Curl.
2. From the mid-length, form a curl around your finger and loop the bottom half of your hair around your finger. Then holding tightly on to this curl, remove your finger and continue rolling the curl upwards or…

Review/LookS: The New Vintage Look charity night on 10th April 2012!

Helloo my darlings! I have been buzzing with excitement since Tuesday, as I went to my first ever VINTAGE fashion without further ado, it's time to report back on my night at 'The New Vintage Look' charity do on the 10th April 2012!

The event aimed to raise funds for a new neonatal incubator unit at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London and was held at the glamorous speakeasy styled burlesque club Proud Cabaret [Venue Link: proudcabaret], hidden right in the center of London amongst a tall jungle of concrete towers. Once you step onto the red carpet to make your way through the entrance, you suddenly feel like you have been transported back in time......where the silver screen is indeed still black and white, and the movie stars were the ultimate sex sirens of a sophisticated time of glamour. Not to mention the photographers at every corner of the entrance, giving it a very movie star feel, and making everyone feel very excited to have made a real effort in bru…