Trend Alert: Vintage candy galore....SS12....catch it before it's gone!

VOGUE: Alexander McQueen's 1940s chic Peplum!
It has been vintage candy galore with the Spring Summer 2012 season! From the glitzy 1920s Gatsby pieces (previous post here: 1920s) Prada's boldly vintage 1950s America, Dior and Alexander McQueen's recapturing of the 1940s chic peplum, Dolce&Gabbana as well as Louis Vuitton's candy coloured pastels and Jean Paul Gaultier's towering beehives in the Haute Couture Paris show (in a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse) really is an exciting mix of trends for vintage lovers. There is so much to choose from and many details to admire.....but it really is a case of whether you want to go for the utterly strict detailed vintage or the mixed vintage time-loop look. So let's do some investigatory unraveling and take a look at a few interesting pickings on the high street that have caught my eye so far!

I often think of the 1950s as the age of Rock N' Roll, where three quarter length sleeved jackets, dresses with cinched in waists and full puffed up skirts with under layers is matched with pretty floral patterns......a time of renewed expression and shedding of wartime frugality. Trousers became cropped higher above the ankle into what was known as Cigarette Pants, or Capri pants as we know it today, and was worn with fitted sweaters for a neatly refreshing look. Despite the many above the knee hemline pieces, I must say that the candy coloured pastels and bold luxurious prints this season being mixed with the 1950s flouncy full skirted silhouette has brought some really pretty garments into the high street this year!

VOGUE: Louis Vuitton's candy coloured pastels SS12
The 60s beehive being featured in different variations at the Jean Paul Gaultier Houte Couture show:

Prada's 1950s Vintage America pieces for SS12 

ZARA: Lace Tulip Dress

Dorothy Perkins: Mint Contrast Tunic

Dorothy Perkins: Pink Peplum Slash Neck Dress
The 1940s peplum is almost the perfecting feminine touch to an elegant ladylike look of the patriotic female during the wartime, and often in darker tweed structured attire with small shoulder pads demanded by practicality or sensibilities of the time. This season the feminine peplum has been brought back and celebrated flirtatiously.....demanding that you not forget how beautifully feminine the intentionally ladylike look is! 
ASOS: Salon Scout Patent T-Bars 

ASOS: Oversized Bowler

Matalan: Sleeveless Ponti Peplum

Matalan: Gingam Bengaline Crop

ASOS: Weave Metal Bar Clutch

TOPSHOP: Sleeveless Lace Dress

ASOS: Liquorish 60s Shift Dress
And not to forget the groovy 1960s equipped with towering beehive hairdos and short mini skirts with disappearing hemlines to proudly display legs as assets to the female form! The abundant mix of this season's vintage details has inspired me to do some research and experimentation of my own.......which involved digging through my wardrobe for some old forgotten pieces, fitting in some vintage fairs whilst losing my voice to a cold and attending my close friend Bee's hen party last weekend, as well as attempting a full proper beehive of my own! So there will be more posts to come on what happened when I merged those activities and ideas together, but for now I shall leave you with a little taste of what is to come through this Youtube video on how to create a beehive:

On a more personal is a day of mixed feelings for me, as my beautiful star Bee is leaving London and starting her new life as Mrs T all the way across the atlantic......have a safe journey my lovely and may you always be blessed with happiness. And to all my darling readers, have a fabulous Sunday and a very happy week!

Until the next time,
May xx
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  1. Wow I'm drooling at all these fabulous 50's candy inspirations, delicious! x

  2. So beautiful, loving these retro styles!

  3. I love your blog, great style :)


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