Shop~MyVintageWardrobe: My 1950s Cigarette Crop look!

Hellooo my darlings, it's been another busy but fun week! I am back with the beehive look as promised in my previous post....after the vintage fairs and wardrobe audit for Spring! I must admit I am not one for wearing make up, hairdos and vintage pieces every day....but this was one of those days that I did rise up to the occasion of having a vintage day and created the biggest beehive I have managed so far....also apologies to Miss Katie, Miss Sarah and the diners of a restaurant I usually go to in Chinatown (London) for the surprise, but there really were no birds hurt or hidden under my big bump of hair!

With the help of some bobby pins, comb and hairspray, I managed to roll my hair into a loop-like ball and propped it under to create the heightened big bump! The make up is more dramatic than usual, but I loved the new Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Intense Midnight so much that the initial flick just gained a life of its own! And of course it is matched with a dash of my favourite Clinique red my take of the 1950s inspired rebellious Rock N' Roll look began taking shape! To complete the look I had to of course...match it with some lovely vintage pieces....which included a pair of green gold Art Deco looking earrings, a green stone-like gold shiny bracelet, an oversized vibrant turquoise green satin-feel crop top with tie front detail, and a pair of cropped funky flower power looking trousers resembling the 1950s Cigarette Pants! The shoes and grey tights were not vintage, but as it was a cold London day it was just necessary for practicality sake....and so my 1950s Cigarette Crop look was complete!

My 1950s inspired Cigarette Crop look!

What I was wearing?
Top: Turquoise Green Satin-feel Crop Top with Tie Front (Vintage)
Bottom: Deep Purplish Cropped Trousers in Floral Circles Print (Vintage)
Earring: Gold and Green Art Deco looking Earrings (Vintage)
Bracelet: Gold and Deep Green Stone look elasticated Bracelet (Vintage)
Shoes: Biscuit Tin booties from Clarks

Trying not to burst out laughing.....
Also not to forget........
Eyeliner: Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Intense Midnight
Lipstick: Clinique red
Necklace: Enameled Square Patterned Pendant with silver and black beads (Vintage)

After a laughing fit and trying to regain composure.....
Since going to Vintage Fairs and hoarding some items over time I have accumulated some interesting vintage pieces, but its time for a Spring wardrobe audit! Size is often an issue for me when buying vintage items at vintage fairs, so some items are a little too big for me or no longer worn.......having committed the grave sin of not finding a corner of the vintage fair to try things on before I buy everything lovely I see; which could be shopaholic issues for a different post, or thinking that I will one day be superbly talented enough to tackle the task of altering everything to fit me! Instead I have decided my next course of action is to put them on Ebay, so that other vintage enthusiasts may make more use of them and give them a good home. In the following few posts there will be other vintage items up for grabs on Ebay, so there will soon be a new label as well as tab on the top of my blog called Shop~MyVintageWardrobe with the Ebay links, just in case any of you darlings may be interested! Also I have been focusing on some ballet practice for my ballet course's end of term performance coming up in a little more than a week's time......which makes me feel rather like a young girl all of a sudden! With Mother's Day celebrations just round the corner, I hope you will have an absolutely fabulous weekend my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx

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  1. You rock the beehive better than anyone else I have seen.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Wooooow! You look utterly Stunning in your Rock and Roll rebel look! Love everything about it especially your massive beehive! xxx

  3. You look fabulous!!!

  4. Oh wow your hair is that long? OMG that is massive! Iºm so jealooouussss.
    You are more than welcome with the award hun!

  5. Ahhh, I love all the elements of this outfit - the makeup, bright colours and the hair accessories. You look utterly fabulous!

    And thank you for your delightfully sweet comment and sending some love, you're too kind. :)

    Love your blog and am following you now! Hope you'll pop back in soon!

    <3 Mandy xx


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