London HOT-SPOTS: Kensington Roof Gardens!

As promised previously, I am back with a post on a new London Hotspot and this time it is Kensington's Roof Gardens! [More: The Roof Gardens and ViewLondon/roof-gardens]
My beautiful ladies at the Roof Gardens, Kensington.
The Roof Gardens in Kensington (London) is an interesting concept by the Virgin group and it at times you do get the feeling of being in a hotel rather than a club on the 6th floor overlooking the views of London. But I must admit that I do like the relaxed feel of a garden in the air amongst the glittering lights of London and the busy swishing from cabs to the red double deckers....though the only thing that keeps me from lingering in the rooftop garden is the chilly winter wind. The crowd it draws in tends to be the relaxed suited professionals and the sparkly pretty ones with sky scraping high it is usually a case of dressing to impress. The decor is clean and sharp with a spritz of glamour.....white walls, white tiles, shiny wooden floors, black grand piano and a long beaded white curtain separating the seating area. Though I do think it is one of those venues that depend largely on the event of the night and the experience of Roof Gardens on nights when it is filled to a good capacity but not overcrowded is much more fun! The photos of my beautiful girlies were taken on the post-valentines party when the club was just so crowded we could barely get near the small dance floor without getting stepped on by other party goers! I must admit I am biased when it comes to the dance floor, as some of you may already know that I do love to dance, and so if there was something that could change I would suggest that the dance floor in the main area of the club is expanded. But it is not the end of the world, as there is another area decorated in the fashion of an indoor garden with a bigger dance area and usually tends to be less crowded. There is also the convenience of an outdoor barbecue, so that you can grab a bite to eat if you are hungry whilst lounging in the garden by the outdoor heaters. The staff are courteous and swift to the is really an impressively well planed concept and I am yet to hear  the tumble of broken glasses or the splash of spilling wine. All in all, the Roof Gardens (Kensington, London) is an interesting club that deserves a high 4 ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 lovely hearts, especially on a less crowded night where conversation and dancing can become the highlights of the evening!       

The Roof Gardens, Kensington.

Kissing duckies at the Roof Gardens, Kensington (London).

After the dancing.....

Taking a break from the crowded dance floor!
What I was wearing.......
Dress: Miss Behave Vintage
Clutch: ASOS (past season)
Shoes: New Look (past season)

I hope you have been inspired to explore and try out a new London Hotspot! Also apologies on the delay in replying to all your lovely comments as I have lost my voice over the busy weekend and have been recovering from a horrid feeling rather dream-like and a little detached. Have an utterly fabulous week my darlings!

Until the next time,
May xx
 PS: Don't forget to click on the London Hotspots label (below) for more ideas on interesting venues!

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  1. Really cool!
    your comment is so sweet!
    thanks a lot!
    Really appriciate it.

  2. Oh wow, it seems like a cool place! Loving the way you wrote about the place, you are gifted with words :D
    By the way, I'm doing my first giveaway, check it out if you want! xoxo

  3. I think I'm in love with London, been there once but definitelly have to go back :)!

  4. Looks like a great time! Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  5. This place looks great! I'll definitely check it out if I ever make my way to London :)

    Following you now - hope you can do the same for me!

  6. following u from google connect lovely :))
    U guys look like u had a blast. HAPPY WEEKEND!

  7. Aaaah I've always wanted to go to Ken Roof Gardens, it sounds amazing!

  8. Looks like you girls are having a lot of fun!!!!

    I love that photo of you of kissing duckies, hahahaha so cute!



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