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Shop~MyVintageWardrobe: The 80s Colour-Nostalgic Courtesan....

There has been quite a bit of debate between the two terms 'Vintage' and 'Retro' for some time, and it is not really one argument I wish to join. (You can find a definition of both terms here: wikipedia.org_Retro) Personally, I think it is really a matter of individual preferences and labeling....I believe in a style of a period, as I often pick particular details to mix and match in creating a look that suits and feel like the sort of, sometimes I imagine that if I did live in that certain decade this is what I would like to choose to wear and enjoy kind of way. Though I do use the term Vintage more often than Retro, I seriously have nothing against the term Retro, and at times I even see Retro to be just the twin of Vintage with a different name. This may not make sense in the logical mind, which clearly understands the definition of the two terms, and I shall risk sounding a bit crazy here......if I had to distinguish between the two terms, then it will b…

My fabulously pink 60s....and the One Lovely Blog Award!

The high street has been filled with an abundance of pretty pastels and sweet candy pinks since I am very honoured to receive the fabulously pink 'One Lovely Blog Award' from the sweet Karen at shinigami-u-openingmymind ...I decided that it should be a lovely pink post! In acceptance of this award, I am required to disclose some facts about here they are:
I must confess I am a very girly girl and have a deep appreciation for pretty pink other words, I do love pink!I do try to eat healthy, mind you not in the stick to salad munching way, but I find simple guilty foodie pleasures such as tea, cakes, crisps, butter and bread very hard to resist!My love for vintage began when I found a long 1970s styled maxi dress belonging to my mum and a little white cardigan I wore when I was a mere I began wearing the vintage maxi dress at 15 years of age and have kept the little cardigan till now!I am actually terrified of clowns, the T…

Shop~MyVintageWardrobe: My 1950s Cigarette Crop look!

Hellooo my darlings, it's been another busy but fun week! I am back with the beehive look as promised in my previous post....after the vintage fairs and wardrobe audit for Spring! I must admit I am not one for wearing make up, hairdos and vintage pieces every day....but this was one of those days that I did rise up to the occasion of having a vintage day and created the biggest beehive I have managed so far....also apologies to Miss Katie, Miss Sarah and the diners of a restaurant I usually go to in Chinatown (London) for the surprise, but there really were no birds hurt or hidden under my big bump of hair!

With the help of some bobby pins, comb and hairspray, I managed to roll my hair into a loop-like ball and propped it under to create the heightened big bump! The make up is more dramatic than usual, but I loved the new Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Intense Midnight so much that the initial flick just gained a life of its own! And of course it is matched with a dash of my favo…

Trend Alert: Vintage candy galore....SS12....catch it before it's gone!

It has been vintage candy galore with the Spring Summer 2012 season! From the glitzy 1920s Gatsby pieces (previous post here: 1920s) Prada's boldly vintage 1950s America, Dior and Alexander McQueen's recapturing of the 1940s chic peplum, Dolce&Gabbana as well as Louis Vuitton's candy coloured pastels and Jean Paul Gaultier's towering beehives in the Haute Couture Paris show (in a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse) really is an exciting mix of trends for vintage lovers. There is so much to choose from and many details to admire.....but it really is a case of whether you want to go for the utterly strict detailed vintage or the mixed vintage time-loop look. So let's do some investigatory unraveling and take a look at a few interesting pickings on the high street that have caught my eye so far!

I often think of the 1950s as the age of Rock N' Roll, where three quarter length sleeved jackets, dresses with cinched in waists and full puffed up ski…