Trend Alert: SS12 is made for the 1920s Great Gatsby's time to invest in some glamour my darlings!

Ralph Lauren (photo from Vogue}
With the 1920s being featured on the catwalk by Ralph Lauren, Guicci, Osman, Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Emporio Armani, Robeto Cavalli, John Galliano, Marchesa and Sonia Rykiel....from the new SS12 season....the 1920s inspired pieces are set to flood through to our high street shops very soon! For enthusiasts of the roaring twenties, like myself, this will be a good time to get our hands on a few......or more.....pieces of Gatsby treasures! [Full Photos: SS12 Gatsby Glamour (Vogue)]

But with so much choice and pieces that embody the 1920s with an alternative twist, such as John Lewis' 1920s Nautical and New Look's Monochrome, which pieces should we invest in? Of course the answer is linked to how you want to wear the 1920s trend.......very vintage in a Downton Abbey way or in a modern trend-like sort of way? Are you a freedom loving Flapper girl or more of a sophisticated gown loving Art Deco admirer? Whether you prefer to include.....long strand of pearls and a knee length sequin dress.......or a statement gems necklace with tassels and a long satin free flowing evening gown......I hope a little look into what is now available on the high street as well as some of the defining features of the 1920s, which I found in an interesting Vanity Fair article [Vanity Fair -roaring-20s-], will help you put together your ideal 1920s look! So here are a few details and ideas to consider when building your 1920s Gatsby Glamour look:  
  • Strapped Shoes.......T-strap and T-bar like shoes, especially with scallop detailing and spectator heel. (More on Clarks' Vintage Glamour range)
  • Brooches.....a high fashion accessory to emphasize the drop waist dresses, which often had a sash tied loosely over the hips and secured with a brooch. (ASOS Vintage Brooch)
  • Embroidered objects from the orient were became exotic and sought after, the Eastern inspiration of details such as intricate embroidered floral patterns and long fringes became part of daily fashion! (Republic: Miso Kimono Top)
Srapped Shoes (Vanity Fair)
Camelia Kate by Clarks

Brooch (Vanity Fair)
    Miso Kimono from Republic & Vintage Brooch from ASOS:
    MISO Printed Kimono Top
    Embroidered Shawl (Vanity Fair)
And of course there is that all important detail of a dress! The 1920s was a time of indulgent celebration of life, materials and fun.....from shiny golds to sheer satin and pretty chiffon.......but it was also a time of awakening for many women, who then outnumbered the men because of the war, and became a source of strength in their own right. From the young Flappers who ditched the constricting corsets and began revealing their legs in knee length shiny dresses whilst dancing the night away in the glitzy Jazz clubs, to the practical ladies who followed the footsteps of Coco Chanel in donning feminine tailoring and fueling the work force....women began on a journey of choice. This decade of opulence and choice is reflected in the free flowing drop waist dresses, the shiny sequins, the intricate embroidery, the teasing long fringes, the floating tiers of chiffon, the seductively silky satin, the playful feathers and the voluptuously beautiful there is a wealth of detail to choose from when deciding your ideal 1920s dress. Perhaps Ralph Lauren's Spring Summer 2012 show may offer some inspiration:
Some additional ideas from and a few suggestions I have below may also be helpful in choosing or completing your 1920s look......which includes an impressive 1920s inspired dress collection at AllSaints and ASOS ......that are utterly wearable and can be used to create different looks or combined with other trends!  

TFNC Dress Scalloped Iridescent Sequins

ASOS Maxi Slip Dress in Bias Cut

Forever 21 Metallic Pleated Dress

Hope you will have lots of fun in finding your own 1920s inspired investment pieces, and I shall be back with another London Hot-Spot in my next post! Have a fabulous week my darlings.....and a big WELCOME to all you darling New followers!

Until the next time,
May xx
 PS: The photos have been borrowed from the above mentioned sources. For more posts on the 1920s: roaring-in-glamorous-1920s 

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  1. I need more kimonos in my life.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. What a fabulous post! I am so excited to here that the 20s will be influencing fashions this year, such an age of opulence and empowerment! I love your choices, there is nothing like a bit of sparkle to make you feel glamorous! x

  3. i loveeeee thee new ss2012 trends!! love the 20´s its one of my favorite time of fashion!!!
    great post!!

  4. Love this post a lot!

  5. I've been dying to find the perfect kimono! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog!

  6. I know! It's everywhere and I absolutely love it. Such a good style decade to bring back.

    - Nic & D


  7. Kimonos are so cool, can't wait for spring to wear it instead of jacket!

  8. This post is so informative. I love it!

    Btw, I’m hosting my first blog giveaway today so check it out :)

  9. I love anything 1920's style so I adoreeee all your finds!

  10. Thank you sweeties for your lovely comments!
    May xx


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