London HOT-SPOTS: Miss Ama's Birthday at the Dorsia (London)!

The beautiful Miss Ama and the Dorsia!
Some of you who are familiar with the club scene in London may have heard about the Dorsia in South Kensington. So to celebrate our dear friend Miss Ama's birthday we decided to head to the Dorsia for a night of dancing in style!

The Dorsia is an interesting combination of old black tie style, new cut glass charm and understated ship-like professionalism. It is a venue that has been closely managed with great attention to detail....from the lavish chandeliers hanging on the ceiling and the mirrored panels on the ground floor lounge walls, to the velvet and leather clad sofas matching the downstairs basement walls.....and you are unlikely to see any ruckus at the front door or hallway. Staff are highly attentive and swiftly professional....even though they are stationed at different parts of the rooms, their presence is utterly unobtrusive and even slight spills or an empty glass will disappear without a trace before you notice it. No doubt as to why it has attracted a beautiful and interesting crowd that dresses to we happened to be there on a night when a black tie party was going on. The young upstairs DJ spins merry dance classics to keep us girls dancing and singing, whilst the basement DJ kept a darker club anthem theme to keep us shimmying on the dance floor into the early hours. It was a fun night of dance, good cheer and best wishes for our lovely Miss Ama! The bar was kept busy and the party goers were kept merry, so the Dorsia (London) gets 4 ♥♥♥♥ out of 5 lovely hearts from me.

The Birthday Star surrounded by her girls!

The Dorsia, London.
Happy Birthday Miss Ama! x
Heels....fabulous heels!

Close up of my pretty heels by Poetic License (London).

Shoes.....glorious shoes!
What was I wearing.......a boned Asos black and maroon velvet dress, with a pair of teal velvet high platform peep-toes with gold satin heels that I still need a lot of practice to walk in....but were too pretty and fabulous for me to resist! And at least I have attempted the tights and peep-toe challenge!
Dress: Asos
Clutch: Asos
Shoes: Poetic License (London)
All's well ends I usually say. What do you think? Would you try the tights and peep-toe look?

Until the next time,
May xx

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~My gorgeous girlies at The Dorsia~


  1. so much lovely shoes... love it!

  2. These dresses are absolutely gorgeous that you ladies are wearing. I love the patterns.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Thanks sweety! I love floral prints too! :)
      May x


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