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Trend Alert: SS12 is made for the 1920s Great Gatsby's time to invest in some glamour my darlings!

With the 1920s being featured on the catwalk by Ralph Lauren, Guicci, Osman, Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Emporio Armani, Robeto Cavalli, John Galliano, Marchesa and Sonia Rykiel....from the new SS12 season....the 1920s inspired pieces are set to flood through to our high street shops very soon! For enthusiasts of the roaring twenties, like myself, this will be a good time to get our hands on a few......or more.....pieces of Gatsby treasures! [Full Photos: SS12 Gatsby Glamour (Vogue)]
But with so much choice and pieces that embody the 1920s with an alternative twist, such as John Lewis' 1920s Nautical and New Look's Monochrome, which pieces should we invest in? Of course the answer is linked to how you want to wear the 1920s trend.......very vintage in a Downton Abbey way or in a modern trend-like sort of way? Are you a freedom loving Flapper girl or more of a sophisticated gown loving Art Deco admirer? Whether you prefer to include.....long strand of pearls and a knee length sequi…

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you so much to the kind Karen from shinigami-u-openingmymind for the Versatile Blogger Award! Apologies for the delay of this post as it has taken a while for me to plough through the mass of blogs that I follow. As part of the acceptance of this award I am required to disclose 7 facts about myself and then pass the award on to other fellow bloggers.

So here goes the 7  facts about me:
One of the things I love is travelling, and one of my goals is to do a proper world trip covering all seven continents! So far I have only managed to travel to four continents and visited about 15 countries....but fingers crossed I will be able to do my world tour before I mature at a ripe 50 years of age.Although I am not a great dancer, I do love dancing! In my girlhood I learned the traditional Chinese fan dance, then I took some classes in salsa a few years ago, belly dancing about a year ago and now I am learning ballet! I come from a family that has a great love of music and singing. When I w…

London HOT-SPOTS: Miss Ama's Birthday at the Dorsia (London)!

Some of you who are familiar with the club scene in London may have heard about the Dorsia in South Kensington. So to celebrate our dear friend Miss Ama's birthday we decided to head to the Dorsia for a night of dancing in style!

The Dorsia is an interesting combination of old black tie style, new cut glass charm and understated ship-like professionalism. It is a venue that has been closely managed with great attention to detail....from the lavish chandeliers hanging on the ceiling and the mirrored panels on the ground floor lounge walls, to the velvet and leather clad sofas matching the downstairs basement walls.....and you are unlikely to see any ruckus at the front door or hallway. Staff are highly attentive and swiftly professional....even though they are stationed at different parts of the rooms, their presence is utterly unobtrusive and even slight spills or an empty glass will disappear without a trace before you notice it. No doubt as to why it has attracted a beautiful and…

Shanghai 1930s inspired hair....the Marcel Wave Up-do!

It has been a busy week, but as promised in the previous is a quick recap on how I created the Marcel Wave Up-do for my Shanghai 1930s party!

Some of you may know that my hair is very straight and curls or waves often fall out after a few hours of being set with a hot curling iron, so the night before the party I decided to use use a more conventional method to help set my hair. Armed with a mini mountain of bobby pins, curl boosting spray (VO5), heat protector spray (VO5), hair spray (VO5) and curling iron...this is what I did:

I started by forming the ridges of my finger wave and secured the shape with bobby pins on the front section of hair that swept across my forehead. The other side was divided into two mini sections; each section of hair was rolled into a curl and put in place with bobby pins to form the Pin Curls. Then the rest of my hair was put into a simple pony tail and it was time for bed!The next day I woke up with slightly messy hair and bobby pins still in …

~LookS: Shanghai Shanghai at McQueen....its the 1930s!

The theme for the night was Shanghai 1930s, the purpose was to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Dragon with my lovely friends and the place I picked was McQueen in trendy Shoreditch of London! But the dress of course is one of the new Qi Pao I added to my collection for the new year, whilst the hair is my version of the 1930s Marcel Wave or finger wave with pin curls framing the sides and a swirl bun-like up do at the back (more on the hair in the next post).

Some of you may already know that I have a passion for the Chinese dress called Qi Pao (also known as Cheongsam) and love teaming it up with a vintage 1930s Shanghai inspired look. This shiny green embroidered and sequined brocade with a high mandarin collar, mini capped sleeves, functional Chinese knotted buttons, polished side slits and reaching knee length is a beautiful standalone piece. Fitting is a crucial factor when wearing a Qi Pao, as it is a dress that showcases the female form and definitely not one to hang lifelessl…