~LookS: Blue satin skies....on the 3rd day of the Dragon year!

The completed look.........
Hello darlings! Some of you may remember that I mentioned some new buys for Chinese New Year in my last post. Yes.....I did!! On the third lunar day of Chinese New Year, I was wearing one of the new Qi Pao dresses added to my collection recently.....a modern styled short Qi Pao cut in shiny blue satin with a colourful landscape painting print.......which I matched with a decadent purple cropped faux fur jacket (Forever 21), green cloisonne bangle (Forever 21) and purple suede heels (New Look - past season). Having both traditional as well as modern Qi Pao dresses in my collection, I must say that I love both in different ways! The modern Qi Pao differs from the traditional heavier silk brocade and embroidery rich pieces.....it is often lighter in material, shorter and simpler in cutting. This blue satin modern Qi Pao is a low mandarin collar piece with decorative knotted buttons, short side slit and a full concealed zip at the back. As much as material, the more traditional Qi Pao is often more focused on cut and fitting in order to accentuate the beauty in the female form, which is a striking contrast to the often looser A-line cut of the modern Qi Pao. To strike a balance between the two and find the right fitting for my frame, I have altered this modern Qi Pao at the waist with a few stitches by hand......and this is the resulting look!

A little conversation with BouBou to explain what I was trying to do.....as he wanted to be in all of the photos! ^_^

Tidying my hair so you can see the colourful print! (Front)

And the watercolour painting print continues! (Back)
There shall be more on the Qi Pao to come in the following post, as I shall unveil the other new addition to my Qi Pao collection, and tell you all about the themed Chinese New Year night I am planning this weekend! Enjoy the celebrations if you are trotting down to central London for the Chinese New Year this Saturday.....and Gong Xi Fa Chai! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Until the next time.
May xx


  1. i love your shoes and velvet cardigan dear, they are adorable!! you look fabulous <3


  2. Your CNY sounded awesome!I Spent mine in Shenzhen,China with families for a few days and all i did was eat and sleep!!! hahahaha...but it was good to have 5 days off work:) Hope you ate a lot of CNY goodies as well!

    I love your qipao and the modern twist to it!!!=)


    1. Eating and sleeping are some of my....as well as my kitten's....favourite things!! :) I think its good as you get to rest and enjoy the festivities too.....I really miss all the new year cookies and sweets in Asia!
      May xx

  3. Such gorgeous dress! You look great :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

    1. Thanks Akiko for the sweet comment!
      May xx


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