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Judy's at Spitalfields....The February Edition!

Just a quick note in case anyone would be interested.....but its Judy's at Spitalfieldsthis Saturday 4th February 2012!! So here's the details for this vintage fair (Judy's vintage fair) in East London:

Date(s) - 4 Feb 2012
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM Location
Old Spitalfields Market Category(ies) FurnitureFashionEntry: FREE! And it is right in time to feed any pre-London Fashion Week shopping fever!! I might pop down for a quick look around after my ballet lesson on Saturday, so if you do see me please feel free to come and say Hi!

~LookS: Blue satin skies....on the 3rd day of the Dragon year!

Hello darlings! Some of you may remember that I mentioned some new buys for Chinese New Year in my last post. Yes.....I did!! On the third lunar day of Chinese New Year, I was wearing one of the new Qi Pao dresses added to my collection recently.....a modern styled short Qi Pao cut in shiny blue satin with a colourful landscape painting print.......which I matched with a decadent purple cropped faux fur jacket (Forever 21), green cloisonne bangle (Forever 21) and purple suede heels (New Look - past season). Having both traditional as well as modern Qi Pao dresses in my collection, I must say that I love both in different ways! The modern Qi Pao differs from the traditional heavier silk brocade and embroidery rich is often lighter in material, shorter and simpler in cutting. This blue satin modern Qi Pao is a low mandarin collar piece with decorative knotted buttons, short side slit and a full concealed zip at the back. As much as material, the more traditional Qi Pao is …

It's Chinese New Year.....roars the green Dragon!

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon my darlings! It's one of my favourite festivals, even though it is clad with a list of old traditions.....from the new year's eve family union dinner (Tuen Yuen Fan) with yummy food that are ordained with lucky names, the glutinous rice balls in sweet red bean soup (Tong Yuen) symbolising sweet unity or sticking together with your loved ones, the lighting of the first incense of the year (Tau Jue Heong) to wish for peace, health or luck in the coming wearing a display of red in order to attract good fortune and staying up late into the early morning of the new year (Sau Sui) to wish for your parents health and longevity. One of my earlier memories of Chinese New Year is of me wearing a red matching top and skirt with pictures of colourful oriental fans......having a mandarin and cracking open shelled peanuts with my family sat around a big table. Mandarins have become symbolic because it is named "gold" in Chinese an…

Review: 'Eat, Pray, Love'.....a journey towards "bien dans sa peau"!

It seems 2012 will be an interesting year after all! Even though it is only a few weeks into January, I have already been kept busy with interesting events and inspired by my lovely there is still the Chinese New Year of the Water Dragon, which will on the 23rd of January 2012, to look forward to! There will certainly be more on the Chinese New Year celebrations and the Qi Pao in the following posts. Just as I have been inspired by those close to me, I would like to offer a little spark of inspiration to all of darling readers....and hope that 2012 will become a flourishing year of goodness for all.

"Happiness is the consequence of personal effort." ~ 'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert
Those of you who have been following my blog may have already heard me sung high pitched praises for the book'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert, which has inspired me to go on a new journey of discovery and healed my grizzly wounds in ways that…

New year, new beginnings....

Many choose to begin the year with a list of resolutions and promises to themselves, and in the previous years I have conformed to this habit I do relish a good list.....being the devout little list writer that I am. But this year, I have broken the habit and no list of resolutions was compiled....or no promises to myself were made as Big Ben stuck at midnight. Why? I stared in awe of the exploding colours of the fireworks and vibrancy of the lights, but my mind was utterly blank for once. Conclusion? It is time to start over a blank new plans, no promises, no wishes and no rules......come what may and let the adventures begin!
So what did I do on the first day of 2012? I decided to be glitzy and furry at the same time without knowing how and just dug out something from my wardrobe as well as something from my pressie pile from Christmas. Working with an old sequin top and new furry turban....feeling out of place and unconventional to the usual form......this is …