When the glitzy lilies landed at Avalon in Shoreditch.....

Judita and me at Avalon, Shoreditch.
Hello my darlings!! Apologies for the longer than usual gap between posts, but it is because I have been doing a tad bit of travelling recently. More about my mini adventure in Montpellier with my friends Judita and Olivia very soon! But as Judita has not been in London for quite some time, I decided to plan a night out to show her a bit of London by night and wanted to try something new at the same time....so I decided on The Avalon in Shoreditch, London.
In recent years, Shoreditch and Brick Lane have been coming up as the trendy place to be and so interesting venues have sprung up quite quickly......often arty, fashionable and quirky. I must say that I have enjoyed the Shoreditch and nearby areas every time I have stopped by......from fashion shows and galleries to vintage fairs, lunches and nights outs. But the Avalon was a first visit......there was something about the silver-like grey velvet furniture and elaborate interiors that captivated my interest when I saw a photo advertising it. Plus the garden barbeque did add a laid back feel of a nice pub and a flashy club in one venue......so off we set for our 'Sexy Glam' themed night at Avalon! Indeed the interiors was nicely projecting an oriental minimalist and Western glamour sort of image across its three main rooms to live up to its 'fusion' title, especially in the corner where we were seated. I liked the fact that we were in a club that had reasonable drinks prices, used fresh lilies arranged in a vase as well as wooden and velvet furniture, but I was surprised when we were asked to give up our cushioney velvet chairs so that a private party in a reserved area could use them. Nevertheless, it didn't stop us from having a good time dancing and taking photos.....especially when we found the vintage themed wallpaper with pin up girls in the ladies!

Pin Up.....too daa loo!

My beautifully glamorous ladies!

We ended up having a good time anyway and caught the last tube home as we had a plane to catch the next day........to visit the lovely Olivia in Montpellier! If I had to rate Avalon in Shoreditch, I would give it 3 (♥♥♥) lovely hearts out of 5, and would go there again for a chilled night out with friends. So next time you plan a night out in London do try Shoreditch if you haven't already, and in the next post I shall tell all about my mini adventure in Montpellier!

Until the next time,
May xx
PS: A special mention goes to the fabulous Ann (in the silver structured dress) as she is celebrating a special day.......Happy Birthday Ann! xx


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