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Rounding up the year with all that is fabulous.......Merry Christmas darlings!

As Christmas and New Year are just round the corner, what better to post than some beautiful faces lit up by bright smiles, laughter and good cheer! From Justine's birthday do at the Bureau, a party at Coquin, lunch and tea with my beautiful Bee....the festivities keep us buzzing with old and new......with merriment and twirls.....with sweet cakes and tea....and I am sure there are still more fabulous times to come!
It has been a difficult year and I could not have reached this festive season still dancing and laughing without all the preciously wonderful people in my know who you are! I am truly blessed with my family, friends and all you darling readers out there! Thank you all......for your loving support and the smiles you have put on my face. Here's wishing all you darlings;
"A blissfully Merry Christmas...... and a fabulously Happy New Year!" May 2012 bring you all lots of laughter, good health, success and sweet times!  I shall leave you with the br…

ReviewS: Tried and tested! Who are my product Heroes of 2011?

Its almost the end of 2011 and I wanted to share some of my products Heroes with all you darlings out there! Also taking a look at some products that have not been as helpful, so have a peek at what I think of them and decide for yourselves! [Please note:All product reviews are my own views of what worked for me throughout 2011 and I have not been paid or sent products by any companies for the reviews.]

As they say, you hands never lie when it comes to revealing your true age! Having spent my own little chunk of time on this earth with very dry hands, especially during the winter months, and a kitten who has taken to play-biting my hands as he is currently teething, I decided to set out to find the best hand cream!

One of the hand creams I invested in was Clinique's Stop Signs Hand Repair, which will get 4♥♥♥♥ lovely hearts out of 5 from me! It is a hand cream I use occasionally as a treatment cream for my hands, not only because it is pricey but also because of the musky wood sme…

Christmas is in the air....baking time!

As the weather chills to zero and rain visits to cool things Christmas is just round the corner....what better to do than to bake a carrot cake and decorate some gingerbread men in pink icing! Followed by an evening of tea, cake, Christmas tree and a santa clause I just need some ideas on some fabulous Christmas looks!

Have you already picked out your Christmas outfit and hairdo?

Until the next time,
May xx

Eating our way from......London to Montpellier!

Life is often a surprising journey where changes are unexpected and plans easily become lifeless paper diagrams, but yet the countless situations and people you encounter in a pre-destined chance definitely feels matter how long they choose to dwell or how little space they choose to occupy  in your capsule of life. Perhaps this is why 'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert resonates with us, soothed our aching souls and inspired us to begin our own adventure of discovery. As with nothing more than a bit of hope in our hearts and promises to ourselves that we shall be brave in embracing whatever comes our way.......we were literally unprepared without a map of the city, no knowledge of how to ask for help in French, and no ideas of what to visit or try.......Judita and I ventured off to Montpellier to begin the first 'Eat' part of our new journey in life! And what a marvelous time we did have eating our way from London to Montepllier!
We were very lucky as …

When the glitzy lilies landed at Avalon in Shoreditch.....

Hello my darlings!! Apologies for the longer than usual gap between posts, but it is because I have been doing a tad bit of travelling recently. More about my mini adventure in Montpellier with my friends Judita and Olivia very soon! But as Judita has not been in London for quite some time, I decided to plan a night out to show her a bit of London by night and wanted to try something new at the same I decided on The Avalon in Shoreditch, London.
In recent years, Shoreditch and Brick Lane have been coming up as the trendy place to be and so interesting venues have sprung up quite quickly......often arty, fashionable and quirky. I must say that I have enjoyed the Shoreditch and nearby areas every time I have stopped by......from fashion shows and galleries to vintage fairs, lunches and nights outs. But the Avalon was a first visit......there was something about the silver-like grey velvet furniture and elaborate interiors that captivated my interest when I saw a photo advert…