LookS: Granny chic for Franklin Tree.....and the Pink travel Day!

Welcome back to Walking in May and I hope you like the new polka-dot look! I decided to give my blog a make-over, and though there was no furniture to move or no walls to paint....it actually felt like I was redecorating my home! So the end result is a blog that looks more crazy, but somehow more organised with tabs to flip through.....so feel free to stroll through!
Now lets catch up on some things I mentioned in my previous posts....first up is the photoshoot I did for Franklin Tree (for those who have missed my previous post; Franklin Tree is a vintage boutique on Asos Marketplace and Etsy). It was not something planned but rather something that happened by chance....as it so happened some of our friends at Franklin Tree needed a model for their new range of necklaces, and I happened to be free on that day. So it was more of a quickly get changed, do your make-up and lets take some photos sort of afternoon.....but nevertheless it was a fun way to spend some time on a cold day!
So it was a simple Granny Chic adaptation with my long hair tied up and twisted in a bun....taking inspiration in the ballerina look, and make up was simply my favourite Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Blue Grey in a thick line with a squared end, followed by a dash of mid toned Clinique lipstick.
Dress: White maxi from Forever 21
Chunky cardigan: LaRoudette
Booties: Biscuit tin from Clarks
Necklace: Designed and made by Frankin Tree

My favourite of the three necklaces.....the cute Train pendant necklace from Franklin Tree! (To see more photos and check out the necklace, please click on the links: Train Pendant Necklace)

The nautical look Boat Pendant Necklace by Franklin Tree.

 The romantic fairytale Carousel Pendant Necklace by Franklin Tree.

Towards the end of the photoshoot as my fingers started to feel the chill!

But my feet kept warm in some red socks...as you do...and my lovely Clarks booties!
Now lets move on to my next mini adventure! As some of you who have been following may know that I have been raising awareness for the Breast Cancer Campaign by writing about pink items being sold in support of the cause and the Wear It Pink day here on my blog. I also tried to get my friends to wear pink, and as I was flying from London to Edinburgh to attend my good friend Sophia's wedding.....I had the major task of being pink in a public place! Now I must admit that I am no stranger to pink, and over the years I have collected some pink lovable items! So what did I wear on the 28th October 2011?
I decided to wear a very bright pink full length maxi dress......partly because I love maxi dresses, and partly because I wanted to be fully pink aware.....in order to remember it as an experience, a statement of why the cause was important, and plus there are really not that many days when you can be totally pink! Anyway, this is how I had fun with pink on Breast Cancer Awareness Day!
"Be part of the cure!" (28 Oct 2011 - Pink in Edinburgh)
So what pink item did you wear on the 28th October 2011? Did you have a fun pink day? 

Until the next time,
May xx


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  2. Hi, your blog is inspiring! You are a very interesting person. I will follow you!


  3. Lovely looks!!!!
    Such adorable photos!!!


  4. aww.. u look so preety
    cute pics!!
    wanna follow each other^^


  5. Love the chunky sweater and of course the pink dress.

    Love your blog. Can't wait to catch up on your previous posts!

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  7. Really lovely blog! Great photos!

  8. Hiya, I like you with that black eyeliner :D
    Oh yeah, for the Breast Cancer day, I didn't wear anything pink just because I don't have anything in pink for Fall/Winter >.<'
    Kisses xoxo


  9. Thanks for the follow and the sweet comments!! :)
    May xx


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