LookS: Granny Chic Autumn....and a Vintage Short Film!!

The chilly autumn winds have arrived and it is time to pull out all the thick woolly cardigans to start wrapping up! What will you be matching with your fabulous woolly pieces this autumn? For me, autumn has brought some exciting new projects.....and all involve the passionate embrace of a shiny camera lens! One of the projects, that both BouBou (my kitten) and I are involved with is a photoshoot for Franklin Tree; a new Vintage Boutique on ASOS Marketplace and Etsy. For the first time ever, I tried out the granny chic look with a ballerina inspired hairdo.....just so that I won't disappoint those absolutely adorable and unique pendants from Franklin Tree! Here's a little taster of what the unique pendant looks like (with BouBou modelling) and how the photoshoot went....some test shots with the granny chic look being hidden under my coat, so its sort of a behind the scenes sneaky peek!! More will be revealed later, but if you want to see my granny chic look with the pendants right now.....or to check out the full range of pendant necklaces and vintage clothing at Franklin Tree:

Franklin Tree (Asos Marketplace) ~ Acrylic Train Pendant Necklace

Coat: Matalan
Shoes: Biscuit Tin booties from Clarks
Next up.....is my other sparkly camera lens project!! Those of you who have been following may know that I will be making a VINTAGE Short Film with film maker Amancay Tapia!! This project has sparked a frenzy of new ideas and a whirlpool of vintage love for two particular eras, which will be revealed later! But on a more personal level.....it has also opened up a chest of buried memories of my sing song, acting and dancing days. Some of it has been funny, some of it has been challenging, some of it has been glorious and some of it taught me new lessons......but my dabbling in dance and performing arts has definitely been colourfully fun. I am looking forward to this exciting new project, which I will continue documenting right here on my blog, and cannot wait to start working with the amazing team of people we are already getting on board! But for today, I will leave you with this little secret from my chest of memories.........

The Fan Dance
Until the next time,
May xx


  1. Hey there,

    Just curious, are you Chinese?? BTW, love the blue coat!!! Looking fab there..


  2. Oooh how fabulously exciting!!! Love your Granny Chic ASOS shoot!!! I look forward to reading more!

    PS. I am sorry I didn't tell you about the award I have been a very bad blogger lately, but your more than welcome, I always enjoy reading your blog:)

    Oh and feel free to pick my brains whenever you need:)

  3. Nice coat!


  4. Absolutely love your blue coat but I may be slightly bias as I also own it.
    Lovely blog BTW.

  5. Thank you for stopping by and for all your lovely comments! :)
    May x

  6. The look with the coat is amazing! Nice combination!


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