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LookS: Granny Chic Autumn....and a Vintage Short Film!!

The chilly autumn winds have arrived and it is time to pull out all the thick woolly cardigans to start wrapping up! What will you be matching with your fabulous woolly pieces this autumn? For me, autumn has brought some exciting new projects.....and all involve the passionate embrace of a shiny camera lens! One of the projects, that both BouBou (my kitten) and I are involved with is a photoshoot for Franklin Tree; a new Vintage Boutique on ASOS Marketplace and Etsy. For the first time ever, I tried out the granny chic look with a ballerina inspired hairdo.....just so that I won't disappoint those absolutely adorable and unique pendants from Franklin Tree! Here's a little taster of what the unique pendant looks like (with BouBou modelling) and how the photoshoot went....some test shots with the granny chic look being hidden under my coat, so its sort of a behind the scenes sneaky peek!! More will be revealed later, but if you want to see my granny chic look with the pendants …

Pink thoughts and a pink dress.....then add Kitts and some ideas in the working!

Since thinking about what to wear for Brest Cancer Awareness Day, my mind has been filled with pinks of all sorts! So last week when we went to Kitts (Chelsea, London) for a bit, I decided to start something pink and wore a baby pink dress! Kitts is by no means a big club and it was slow when we arrived early at 11pm, but the music was commercially fun and we ended up staying much longer than we intended. The decor always reminds me of a crossbreed between a dark rustic gallery and someone's funky living room, whilst the staff were friendly and looked as though they loved going to work every day. Even though there were quite a few accidents creating wet splodges on the already cramped dance floor, we still managed to evade the many almighty attacking elbows around us and danced through the night!

Anyway the conclusion was that it gave me a chance to pink audit my wardrobe and it sparked a few new ideas. So on the 28th October 2011, I shall be wearing a brightly and deeply PINK lon…

It's October.....time for pink to take over the world!!

As buildings around the world turn pink this October, I begin to scan the high street and supermarkets for pink ribbon items to buy in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. It is a cause I have paid attention to because of the mere fact that I am female. When 50,000 females in the UK, which equals to one lady every 10 minutes, and even more around the world, are still diagnosed with breast cancer every year, it is not a condition that should be overlooked or brushed aside. (To find out more about Breast Cancer Awareness: So lets have a look at what fabulous offerings that can be bought in support of Breast Cancer Awareness this year!
There are lots more items for sale all over the place and you will be able to find a longer list on the Breast Cancer Care website (, whic…