Perhaps 'One Day'.........

There are billions of human beings across the globe, but it is almost by a miracle that those of us who are looking for the 'One' can meet and subsequently fall in love with this one person amongst billions.......what are the chances of that happening to every single one of us? Perhaps not every single one of us will succeed in finding the 'One', or perhaps some of us may have to fish through much more in the sea of billions than others.......but if and when you think that you have found the 'One' that you love amongst the billions of humans around the globe, what will you choose to do?

Not having read the book and not knowing anything about the story, I went to see the film 'One Day' with my good friend Winney last week. I found the beginning of the film quite slow, and despite liking Ann Hathaway as an actress, I could not get use to her British accent. I appreciated the way the film was shot in a similar manner to 'The Education', which I utterly loved. But half way through the film I finally understood why a simple love story spanning across 20years of life is so captivating for so love that 'One' person regardless of whether you are with that love that 'One' person no matter what life throws at love that 'One' person no matter how many 20 years you have got left.

For how many 10 years does a person really have? To wait a mere 10 years for someone is indeed no easy is a patience fueled by love, and a strength fixed by love. To endure the fear of breaking what gems you already have, and to endure the pain of the choices beyond you that are being made for a whole 10 years, seems almost impossible, let alone a period of 20 years. But it is the length of 20 years that makes this story precious, a reminder that there are some things in life that we will never be able to control, and it makes us question; 'If we knew we only had 20 years, what would we have chosen to do?' Perhaps some would choose not to change a thing and continue with life as it is, or perhaps others may choose to change everything in those 20 years and have a brand new direction in life. For me, the key message of cherishing what you have, no matter how long you have it for, is simply beautiful........."Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today."
So if you are amongst the lucky........please cherish the 'One' you have in your life today with all your heart, fight for them with all undying patience, and love them as though you only have today.
Karen Mok - If living without you...
On that note, I would like to leave you with some photos that were taken in a village called Skalite, in Slovakia, on a day when I was inspired by love and perhaps 'One Day'.

Until the next time,
May xx


  1. nice blog! thanks for comment.

  2. I have this "One day" book at home, but still didn't start to read it.. I like to read book first, and then see the movie :)

  3. The trailer for 'One Day' looks good but ends up making me feel worse about my own nonexistent love life. The lace on the bottom of the dress is so pretty, and you paired the shoes perfectly with the dress. I also quite like the hanging pearl on your earrings, really cute!

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments everyone! :)

  5. I saw the trailer for that movie a month ago, I'm not sure if I feel like watching it now, I will wait....


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