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It is the 15th day of the 8th lunar month it is the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. (To find out more about the traditions and legend of the Mid-Autumn Festival, please click on the link: I remember when I was growing up in Asia, this festival was always one of the bigger celebrations along with the Chinese New Year. Perhaps it is because of the traditional practice of reinforcing unity within one's family and amongst one's loved ones through a family unity dinner, where family members are summoned to return from wherever they may be, that ties these two festivals together. It is often said that it is a night when the fullest moon and the fullest of families are united together.

So as children, the best part of the night was after the special unity dinner.......when everyone went out to the garden to watch the moon with mooncakes, snacks and sweet red bean with rice dumpling soup.....whilst lighting the candle displays that we used to decorate the garden with, and each child walked around proudly displaying their beautifully lit lantern! My favourite must have been the lantern shaped and painted like a big lotus flower, that was made from canvas and bamboo, when I was about 10 years old.....but it was also the only lantern that I managed to set on fire accidentally, which subsequently required an emergency intervention by the adults with some water, and was followed by me crying for the loss of a beautiful lantern. Drama.....drama! But never the less, it was the most beautiful lantern I had throughout my childhood years and also the one I remembered most.

Being in London this festival seems less festive, as there are no big lantern fairs with fancy lantern displays and lovers walking hand in hand, or hawkers selling yummy snacks, or neighbouring houses decorated with lit candles and lanterns. You can still buy mooncakes (sweet thin pastry covering a filling of either sweet lotus paste or red bean paste with a salty duck egg yolk), lanterns, red beans, rice flour and cane sugar from the Chinese supermarkets. But as it is autumn, it feels far too windy, wet and cold to be roaming around admiring the full moon. We still try to have the family dinner, the sweet red bean dumpling soup and mooncake (which we actually forgot to buy this year)........but this time I will be missing two pieces of my life puzzle as I watch the beautiful full moon from my room window.
Wherever you may be tonight, I wish you with all my heart, a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival........Jung Chau Jit Fai Lok!

Until the next time,
May xx
(PS: None of the photos are mine....they were borrowed from other sites)


  1. hey lovely find your blog..wanna follow each other?let me know kisses from germany La Folie 

  2. i've been eating moon cakes all week long! love them... especially with two yolks. haha. did you guys have a moon cake party already? ours is coming up this weekend :)

    hope you'll come visit soon & enter my YSL inspired arty ring giveaway HERE :)

    cins - design3rd

  3. thanks so much lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours as well :). and omg i love moon cakes! now off to go get some :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. Mooncakes are the best part of this festival! :)


  5. Thanks for commenting sweeties!! I love mooncake too....and finally having some! :)
    Have a fab weekend!
    May xx


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