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When in Nice......Part2: Live in a movie for a day...then pretend to be Lucy Liu's entourage in Cannes and Monaco!

Apologies for the late update on my trip but I have been kept quite busy since returning to London with a feisty new kitten (more on that later....hopefully)! Nice was definitely interesting to say the very least! From the buildings painted with age and glory to the warm sea air and neatly lined palm is a beautiful framed painting worthy of galleries.

So there was one place in particular that we did not expect to visit (hint: see photo on the right)! On day 2 in Nice, my sister Vicky fell ill so we got some medication from the pharmacy. We stopped at the McDonald's on a busy shopping street as Vicky started to feel nausea and could barely walk after taking the medicine. Making use of the free wifi at McDonalds we went online with our mobile phones to try to decipher the medicine's leaflet, which was only written in French. Piecing together a puzzle of French words we discovered that she was having an allergic reaction to the medication and by that point the kind s…

When London was burning.........the shock and sadness of August 2011 after a busy return.

I have always loved London like no other city in the world. There is a mystifying charm about London's mixture of historical brick and modern glass giants that makes me stop to take in her beauty whenever I am at the zebra crossing, or on a double decker bus or even a set of red lights. I admire the complex personalities, the varied conveniences and the strength of British spirit. A country that bravely kept calm and carried on with their lives the very next day......even after the World Wars and the terrorist bombings. A country equipped with freedoms, abundance and determination. Also a country where human rights are truly an entitlement and enshrined in the legal framework.....not still an ideology, as in many other countries. Most of all, a country that believes in education and has worked hard over the many decades to make an immaculately shinny name for British Education globally.

How can these riots happen? This was my first reaction which was followed by utter shock as I w…